Rafidi Madame Tussaud in Najaf – The revivil of Jahiliyyah

khomeini1The first time in human history that people commited the sin of idol-worship was around the time of Prophet Nuh (عليه السلام). A very pious man passed away. Shaytan whispered in the ears of the tonwnspeople: he urged them never to forget this pious man lest the towns people abandon his example and be lost to sin. Once Shaytan had convinced them of the necessity to revere the memory of this pious dead man, he then then convinced them to erect a shrine over the grave of this man, hang up images and idols of him. Eventually, the people started praying in the shrine, and soon thereafter Shaytan convinced them to pray to the deceased man (under the pretext of intercession, as most poltheists do, like the Catholics).


It was in this step by step fashion that Shaytan was able to misguide people into Shirk. He convinced them that they were doing a good thing by respecting a pious man, and he allowed them to add one Bid’ah (evil innovation) after another, infusing polythiestic practise in their belief. Likewise do the Shia believe that they are being pious by venerating shrines, making images and even idols of the Ahl al-Bayt and their scholars but in reality they have been fooled by Shaytan. The following Hadith applies so very well on the polytheists of our time:

In the Two Sahihs it is reported from the mother of the believers Umm Salamah and Umm Habibah (sister of Mu’awiyah, wife of Prophet Muhammad) that they mentioned to the Prophet a church that they saw in Ethiopia and what was in it of pictures. So, he said:

“These are people that whenever a righteous man dies among them, they build a Masjid over his grave and make these pictures in it. These people are the worst of creation with Allah.” (Al-Bukhari no.427,1341 and Muslim no.528)


Here a people who without a shred of doubt are among the worst of creation with Allah, the Rafidah:

َHere a view inside the idol temple:

See how the revival of paganism is in full play in Shiism, this time under the pretext of art. No other sect on the face of earth, neither the Qadiyanis nor any other deviant to Islam attributed sect has ever come to the hideous idea to make statues of their clergy except for the Rafidah. Here some more pictures from the “wax museum” in Najaf, the Rafidi Ayatullat wax-figure freak show:

Seeking blessings ...

Seeking blessings …

New source of income for the living thieves: the dead thieves.

New source of income for the living thieves: the dead thieves.


The statues were made by an artist in Iran. The total cost for 20 statues so far (38 more are on order) is 550 million Iraqi dinars (about $458,000). Half a million Dollar for idols of rotten Ayatullats while southern Iraq, the mostly (but not exclusively) Shia parts of Iraq are poverty stricken. The project has received the blessings of the religious authorities of Najaf. How caring these Ayatullats are to their Shiites, amazing …

أصنام الرافضة

Idol of the disturbed looking Ayatullat Muhammad al-Sadr (father of Moqtada al-Sadr) Soon to be dilvered by Amazon’s for your local Husseiniyyah temple.

That’s his^ shrine by the way:

سجود الشيعة لقبر محمد الصدر2 (1)

Ayatullat al-Waeli (left) and Ayatullat al-Khoie (right)

Ayatullat al-Waeli (left) and Ayatullat al-Khoie (right)


This one is quite hilarious, the Eazy-E (or Eazy-Shirk) of the Rafidah





The al-Hakims (friend and allies) of the Neocon invaders)


Black belt Ayatullat Abal-Hassan al-Isfahani (all of them are Isfahanis, Khoies, Qazwinis, and other Absurdistanis who are ruling Iraq and making up 99% of their scholars)


660x390photo_1336748072152-1-0 660x390photo_1336747875424-1-0

In this picture taken on Feb. 21, 2012, wax figures depicting Shiite clerics are on display at the wax museum in the Shiite holy city of Najaf, 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Baghdad, Iraq. What was intended to be a tribute to this Shiite holy city's contributions to culture has instead given critics the opportunity to, well, wax lyrical about what they call the project's faults instead. (AP Photo/Alaa al-Marjani)

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all the Rafidah come up with new paganism disproving you. Rafidi Disney World-like idols of al-Hussein b. ‘Ali are becoming the norm among Rafidah and their cesspool of shirk which they call “holy cities”.

أصنام في إيران