How the Rafidah whitewash the Jews and blame the wives of the Prophet (علیه الصلاة و السلام)

The deceitful Rafidah, just like the rest of the enemies of Islam, use one of the most pathetic (based on their ignorance of Arabic) lies to blame the death of the noble Prophet (peace be upon him) on the mother of the believers ‘Aaishah in particular. They argue by citing the following verses (you will find almost the exact same tactic on Anti-Islam websites!):

One of many Rafidi posters that can be found on the net, portraying two wives of the Prophet (‘Aaishah and Hafsa) as to ugly looking witches (whom the Prophet spent his time with!), who manhandled him (yet Rafidah Imams are some sort of Power Rangers, heck, they control the universe …) and poisoned him.

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5/10/2013, Shias of Baghdad curse the Sahaba in a Sunni district

MawkebAlbara2ahUPDATED (NEW PICTURES) 12/10/2013

The Shias cursing the companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), his wives and companions … in the past a so called ‘evil acccusation’ by the ‘evil Wahhabis’ (as Shia apologetics tried to waterdown the disgusting reality of their cult), today, a well known fact (we have reported how they celebrate the death of the Sahaba in their temples, in the UK, Canada and Iraq). The last jahil Sunni on earth shouldn’t be excused anymore if he even doubts in the kufr of these Mushriks and enemies of Islam and the hatred they carry for Islam and its people, the Ahl Al-Sunnah. Now recently a few days ago, a group of Shias of Baghdad lead by Thaer Al-Darraji (a foul mouthed Rafidi who posts filth on youtube, and who got exposed of being a homosexual when brothers hacked his computer which was full of gay porn!) walked through the Al-A3dhamiyyah district of Baghdad (a traditionally Sunni district, named after Imam Al-A3dham i.e. Abu Hanifa. Al-A3dhamiyyah is were Imam Abu Hanifa رضي الله عنه is buried!) and cursed Omar Ibn Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه and Aisha the Mother of the Believers رضي الله عنها by calling the the cursed ones and sluts/sodomites etc (the UK/Fulmer based Shiite hate preacher ‘Sheikh Yasser Al-Habib’ has openly stated his support for this secterian extremism).

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Shias celebrate the demise of Sayyidah Hafsa and `Aisha’s in Iraq/Baghdad

Yes, in Iraq of Abu Hanifah and Imam Ahmad, in Ramadhan 2013. How can that even be possible? Well, remember that behind the deception of ‘death to America/Israel’ chantings and despite all differences Iran/America/Israel might have, there is still something that unites the masonic crusaders and the masonic Safawid Rafidah i.e. their hatred for Islam and the Ahl Al-Sunnah, and this is why America has handed out Iraq to a bunch of WELL-KNOWN Iranian Shia stooges:

iranianmajoostraitorsAs for the clip:

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Shias celebrate Umm Al-Mu’mineen `Aisha’s demise in Canada

Shias in a local Husseiniyyah (innovated Rafidah place of worship, where the dead are worshipped and the living self-flagellate i.e. whip themselves ) in Ottawa the Capital of Canada celebrated the death of the Mother of the Believers `Aisha رضوان الله عليها.

Here their facebook page.

And here their ridicolous and filthy  celebration:

They chant: ‘Ayyoosheh (mocking the name of `Aisha), `Aisha is in the Hellfire …’

(Note that the normally the Shias – just as the Satanists – dress in black, except on the days when they celebrate the death anniversaries of the Sahaba and the Mothers of the Believers.)

Angry Sunni villagers kill Shia cleric Hassan Shehata – A Sunni point of view

994165_532272016821012_719413834_nThe net is filled with bias articles of the Safavids such as Press TV. Here a glimpse of Rafidi Safavid brainwashing, a quote from Iran’s new ssite “(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) –

He was a prominent Shia cleric who had thousands of followers due to his moderate views and his denouncement of radical and extremist movements in Egypt.”

The Iranian ALALAAM network states:

A group of Salafi radicals has attacked the home of a prominent Shia leader in Egypt, killing him brutally and three other people.

The Safavids in the west, RAFIDI TV aka PRESS TV state:

Takfiri extremists kill top Shia cleric and 4 others in Egypt

Takfiris? Salafist?! Yes, you heard right, this is the brainwashing by the Rafidi Safavid mediawho turned a bunch of villagers into a certain group. The even have the audacity to make it seem as if some flower selling Shia cleric was ‘suddenly’ murdered by an angry mob of (of course) evil Salafis. What Salafis? What Salafi clerics (as other sources state)?! Every non-Safavid affected brain can see that some average man, literally villagers, average Sunnis of Egypt went crazy and lynched a Rafidi Shia cleric, a rabid and vile Zindiq (heretic), a twelver Shiite (a Rafidi) cleric named Hassan Shehata (the always shaven Shaykh!) has been killed, or let’s say massacred. When? Ironically on the 15th of Sha’ban (june 2013), on the birthday of the (cellar dwelling) hidden Shia saviour . Yes, they celebrate his birthday too, on every 15th of Sha’ban, Shehata was celebrating  the birtdhay of the 12th Imam who is a vile and masonic-Dajjal like personality according to Sunnis, in reality of coursenon-existing, since the 11th Imam had no son whatsoever, even according to some Shias, yet his description in Shia books fit with what is called the Dajjal i.e. Anti-Christ (who WILL be existing in the future) according to Muslim. Shia believe that this monster will emerge and start off with killing Sunni clerics and resurrect the wive of the Prophet Aaisha and his companions Abu Bakr and Omar to burn, crucify and flog them for some thousand years. You can imagine why Sunnis hate this creature and those who celebrate his birthday.

So was Shehata’s crime? You just read the answer and you’ll see more evidence of his chimped out sermons where he insulted everything Sunni …

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Doubt and refutation. Ali more beloved that Abu Bakr. Hadith of Aisha


It was reported by Imam Ahmad and others that Aisha (r.a) once said to prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam):

وَاللَّهِ لَقَدْ عَرَفْتُ أَنَّ عَلِيًّا أَحَبُّ إِلَيْكَ مِنْ أَبِي وَمِنِّي مَرَّتَيْنِ

“By Allah! I surely know that Ali is dearer to you than me and my father”

One of our brothers asked me to shed some light on this report and refute shias doubts.

First of all we would say, it was narrated by Imam Bukhari in his Saheeh, Volume 5, Book 57, Number 14, from Amr bin Al-As: The Prophet deputed me to read the Army of Dhat-as-Salasil. I came to him and said, “Who is the most beloved person to you?” He said, ” ‘Aisha.” I asked, “Among the men?” He said, “Her father.” I said, “Who then?” He said, “Then ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab.” He then named other men.

This report in itself is enough to refute shia doubt. Because report of Aisha (r.a), (if it is saheeh) is only her opinion, but hadith of Amr ibn al-As represent words and opinion of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

Second point is we have mutawateer report from Ali, where he himself said that shaykhan are better than him in the matter of fadail.

Wa Allahu Alam.

Maida 87 verse. Saheeh shia explanation

Allah said in the Quran:

[Shakir 5:87] O you who believe! do not forbid (yourselves) the good things which Allah has made lawful for you and do not exceed the limits; surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits.

Shaykh of shias allama al-Majlisi in “Uyunul Hayat” (1/348) narrated:

Uyun al Khayat p 348


Narrated Ali ibn Ibrahim WITH AUTHENTIC CHAIN, in his Tafseer commentary of verse ” O you who believe! do not forbid (yourselves) the good things which Allah has made lawful for you” from Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam): It was revealed about commander of faithful (alaihi salam), Bilal and Uthman ibn Maudhun.

And commander of faithful (alaihi salam) promised that he would never sleep at night, as for Bilal, he promised that he never would eat during the day, as for Uthman ibn Maudhun he promised that he never would marry (meaning he would never have intercourse with wife).

And wife of the Uthman ibn Maudhun entered upon Aisha, and she was beautiful woman. Aisha asked: Why I see you upset?…. His wife said: By Allah, my husband didn’t approached me from such and such time….. (when prophet sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam entered to Aisha, she said that to him)

He went out, and called to congregational prayer. People gathered, and minbar was set, he praised Allah, then said: What happen with group which prohibited upon themselves pure things? HEAR, I AM SLEEPING AT NIGHTS, MARRY (WOMAN) AND EAT DURING THE DAYS. AND WHOEVER WOULD GO ASTRAY FROM MY SUNNAH IS NOT FROM ME.

Al-Tijani’s Allegations against the Mother of Beleivers Aisha (may Allah be pleased at her)

Exposing Al-Tijani’s Lies in His Book:
“Then I was Guided”

Allah has honored Aysha, the Mother of Beleivers by making her the wife of the best of Allah’s creatures i.e. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Even she got from this liar the worst slanders and the greatest of all. Here I will present these slanders and answer them to protect the most favored woman on earth of whom the Prophet peace be upon him says: “The superiority of ‘Aysha over other women is like the superiority of rice over the rest of meals.” [1] I say and by Allah is the success:

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The Incident of Al-Ifk, Aisha or Maria? – Rebuttal to Ammar ‘Nakshawani’ (Nakhjavani)

1293827850The Rafidhi vagabond Ammar ‘Nakshawani’ (Nakshavani), is known for his numerous lectures (strictly under Shia and ignorant Sunni audience, never ever has he confronted a known Sunni scholar), where he obviously tries to point with his shabby gentility in the fields of rethoric speech, this is the only way he can somehow hide his blatant ignorance and in many cases blatant lies, against the Ahl Al-Sunnah and the Sahabah of the Messenger of Allah (may the peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). He is known for visiting various institutions, including public universities where he tries hard to somehow save the face of the Rafidhi religion (a really hard task, indeed), by claiming that many things the opponents of Shias accuse them of are false and propaganda, that Shias are not Takfiris, do not do Takfir on the Sahabah, that they only disagree with SOME Sahabah blah, blah, blah. Ironically, no one else but those Rafidha Majoos who are a bit more open in regards to their beliefs have exposed the charlatan Nakhjavani to such a degree, that only a fool would fall for his “brotherhood-Sunni-Shia-unity” crap:

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Aisha and slave woman – refuting the doubt of kuffar

Salam alaikum, recently I came across with thread at shia forum, where paranoiac kaafira, directly accused Aisha in being a pimp! La`natullahi alal kafirin!

Report #1

 Abu Bakr narrated, he said: Waki’ told, quoting Al-‘Alaa Bin Abdul Karim Al-Yamani, quoting ‘Ammar Bin ‘Imran, a man from Zaydillah quoting a woman of them, quoting Aisha that she beautified a slave girl and walked around with her and said: May we catch some the young men of Quraysh through her.
إبن أبي شيبة – المصنف – كتاب النكاح – ما قالوا في الجارية تشوف ويطاف بها – الجزء : ( 3 ) – رقم الصفحة : ( 461 )

– ( 259 ) ما قالوا في الجارية تشوف ويطاف بها . ( 1 ) حدثنا أبو بكر قال : نا وكيع عن العلاء بن عبد الكريم اليامي عن عمار بن عمران رجل من زيد الله عن امرأة منهم عن عائشة أنها شوفت جارية وطافت بها وقالت : لعلنا نصطاد بها شباب قريش .

Only kuffar from rafidah, could use this report as evidence against mother of all believers.

Chain of this report contain several defects.

1) Unnamed woman from Zaydillah.

2) Ammar ibn Imran. His ahadeth are not authentic, as said ibn Hajar in Lisan, and Dhahabi in Mizan.

So curse of Allah upon disbelievers, who use fabrications just to cast a shadow on the mother of believers.

Did Aisha [radhiallaahu anha] advocated the murder of Othmaan [radhiallaahu anhu]?

Q: Hadhrath Ayesha was a severe critic of Hadhrath Uthman. How is it that following his murder, she chose to rebel against Imam Ali (as) on the premise that his killers should be apprehended? During her lifetime Hadhrath Ayesha was a severe critic of Hadhrath Uthman, to the point that she advocated his killing. How is it that following his murder, she chose to rebel against Imam Ali (as) on the premise that his killers should be apprehended? Why did she leave Makkah, portray Hadhrath Uthman as a victim and mobilise opposition from Basrah? Was this decision based on her desire to defend Hadhrath Uthman or was it motivated by her animosity towards Hadhrath Ali (as)? History records that she said the following about Hadhrath Uthman “Kill this old fool (Na’thal), for he is unbeliever”, see History of Ibn Athir, v3, p206, Lisan al-Arab, v14, p141, al-Iqd al-Farid, v4, p290 and Sharh Ibn Abi al-Hadid, v16, pp 220-223

A: The questioner has assumed as an historical fact the claim drawn from the named sources that Sayyidah A’ishah advocated the killing of Sayyiduna ‘Uthman. He labours under the common misconception that the simple fact that the moment something mentioned is in a history book it is an incontrovertible fact. He fails to understand the need for authentication.

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