Wahhabis celebrating Al-Hussein’s (رضوان الله عليه) death!

How many of you have heard the Shia say that Sunnies/Wahhabies/Nasibies/ect. are celebrating the death of Husein (ra) on ‘Ashura?

Yes, they claim that somehow by fasting on that day this is a “celebration”, you see I didn’t know that fasting is a celebration, I thought that playing music in large gathering and drinking and eating sweets is a celebration … but not fasting or praying … 

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The Imams can change the Religion

The Shia claim that their Imams are here to explain the religion and preserve the guidance which was revealed on the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), this is what they tell us but does it stop here or do these Imams go further and act like 12 Prophets?

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Agreement on fasting `Ashura except by the extremist Shia

Salam `Aleykum,

Enjoy more of Shiasm,

Famous Shia scholar al-Muhaqqiq al-Sha`rani says in his commentary on the book “al-Wafi” by al-Faydh al-Kashani, 22/505:

وقد يتفق لبعض الرواة الغالين في عداوة المخالفين والمبالغين في خلاف المنحرفين عن أهل البيت عليهم السلام أن يجاوزوا الحد ويلزموا أمورا من غير عمد ليخالفوا أهل الخلاف تدعوهم إلى ذلك شدة علاقتهم بالتشيع كما نرى جماعة في الأعصار المتأخرة ينكرون استحباب صوم عاشوراء مع الاتفاق على استحبابه ليخالفوا المخالفين ،
ويلتزمون بتحريف القرآن ليطعنوا به على أعداء أهل البيت عليهم السلام ، مع أن مطاعنهم في الكثرة بحيث لا يحتاج معها إلى إثبات التحريف وهدم أساس الدين

[It happens that some of the narrators who are extreme in their hatred for the Mukhalifeen (Sunnis), those who exaggerate the differences and deviate from the school of Ahlul-Bayt (as), that they may go over board in certain beliefs un-intentionally only so they may oppose the Mukhalifeen. They do this because of their strong relation to Tashayyu`, as we see a group in the late times who deny that fasting `Ashura is liked (Mustahabb) by agreement, just so they can oppose the Mukhalifeen, and they stick to the belief that the Qur’an is corrupted so they can use this to criticize the enemies of Ahlul-Bayt (as), although there are many criticisms against them and there is no need to prove Tahreef(corruption) and demolish the foundations of the religion.]

Comment: And as you all know, in Tashayyu` the general rule is, the extremists of yesterday are the average Shia of today.

Revealing the truth. Exposing Tijani #2


Salam alaikum.

Tijani as-Samawi said in his book “Then I was guided” (p 54):


No we only know the four Madhahibs, and apart from that is not within Islam

And here we can see ignorance and lie. It is enough to mention mazhab of Zahiriya, Sufyan at-Thawri and Layth and others.

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Fast of Ashoora

The Ahl Al-Bayt taught us Muslims to fast on Ashoora, Ahl Al-Sunnah are the true followers of the Ahl Al-Bayt:

al-Bahrani in Hadaiq 13/370 said:

فاما ما يدل على استحباب صومه فمنها ما رواه في التهذيب عن ابى همام عن أبى الحسن (عليه السلام) قال: ” صام رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله يوم عاشوراء “

As what is a proof for fasting (in this day) being mustahab is what narrated in Tahzib from Abu Humam from Abul Hasan (alaihi salam) which said: Prophet – sallalahu alaihi wa alihi fasted on the day of Ashoora.

وما رواه عن عبد الله بن ميمون القداح عن جعفر عن ابيه (عليهما السلام) قال: ” صيام يوم عاشوراء كفارة سنة “.

And what was narrated from Abdullah ibn Maimun al-Qaddah from Jafar from his father (alaihuma salam) which said: Fast of day of Ashoora an atonement of the year.

وما رواه الشيخ عن مسعدة بن صدقه عن ابى عبد الله عن ابيه (عليهما السلام) ” ان عليا (صلوات الله وسلامه عليه وآله) قال: صوموا العاشوراء التاسع والعاشر فانه يكفر ذنوب سنة “

And what was reported by shaykh from Musaddat ibn Sadakah from Abu Abdullah from his father (alaihuma salam): Ali (salawatullah wa salamuhu alaihi wa alihi) said: Fast on Ashoora, 9 and 10, that is atonement of sins of the year.

Regarding second hadith al-Khui said it is saheeh, and regarding 3-d one, al-Khui said it is muwathaq. See Kitab as-Sawm 2/305

The 2 Faces of Ashura – Media Collection

It’s Muharram again and the annual circus and savagery of the Shias in the name of Al-Hussein and the Ahl Al-Bayt has started again. Crocodile tears are shed for the crimes of their forefathers of Kufa (who betrayed our beloved Al-Hussein Al-Shaheed رضي الله عنه و أرضاه) and as in each year, emotional rantings and accusations are directed towards the Ahl Al-Sunnah. We are glad to present you a compilation of works in regards to the tragedy of Karbala’ and Rafidi Shia lies:






We start with books and articles Insha’Allah:

Click on book cover to start download

Book number 2:

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The Forgotten Martyrs of Karbala

forgottenEveryone might have seen the Shia Rafidah banners in Arabic and sometimes even in English language. Massive banners (bloody as usual) with the heroes of Karbala like:

– Al-Hussein

– Abal-Fadhl Al-‘Abbas (Al-Hussein’s brother)

– Zainab (Al-Hussein’s sister who didn’t become Shaheed)

– Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar (sons of Al-Hussein, the latter an INFANT!)

May Allah be pleased with all of them. You see, they even remember INFANTS, yet have you ever heard their “Ayatollahs” and demagogues encouraging the gullible Shia masses to yell:

“Yaaaaaaaa ABU BAKR”!!!!!!!!! or “Yaaaaaaaa OMAR”!!!!!!!!!

No? Well, of course Abu Bakr and Omar (may Allah be pleased with them both) are the enemies of these deviants, yet we did not intent Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Quhafah, the Khalifah of the MUSLIMS or Omar bin Al-Khattab the second Khalifah of the Muslims. No, who we meant were:

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Q/A about Ashura

Q – A0A! I was very curious about why shias observe faqa on 10th muharram whereas the sunnis fast? And also i came to know the Holy Prophet(SWT) said it was better to observe fasting before the karbala incident! so aren’t we giving more importance to observe faqa just because Yazeed ki maa ne mannat maanni thi k agar un k betay ko fata hui tu wo roza rakhein gi? shouldn’t we focus more on what the prophet thought was right?

A – Bismillah.

Your question could be divided in two parts. First what shias do during the Ashoora and why we don’t.

You should know that What the Shi’ah do on ‘Ashoora’ is bid’ah (innovation) and misguidance.

Second part regarding fast during Ashoora.

The virtue of fasting ‘Ashoora’.

Wa Sallamu Alaikum.

Where is the head of al-Husayn buried?


Shaykh Allama Mari ibn Yusuf al-Karmi al-Maqdisi (d 1022) in his book “Fawaid al-Majmua fil Ahadeth al-Mawduah” (Darul Waraq) at page 81 said:

– ومنها الآثار التي يذكر فيها أن رأس الحسين حمل إلى الشام ووضع بين يدي يزيد
وإنما حمل رأسه الشريف إلى قدام عبيد الله بن زياد بالكوفة

هذا هو الذي رواه البخاري في صحيحه وغيره من الأئمة

Number 27 – And from them (fabricated stories) reports which mention that head of Husayn was taken to Syria and put in front of Yazeed.

(In reality) It his honourable head was taken to the foots of Ubeydullah ibn Ziyad in Kufah. This what was narrated by Bukhari in his Saheeh and by other than him from Imams.

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Visitor of Hussain alike visitor of Allah

Book: Noor al-uyun fil mashi ila ziyaratul qabril hussain.
Author: Muhammad al-Istihbanate.
Printed: Darul mizan.
Chapter 18: Verily the one who visited grave of Hussain (alayhi salam) alike to the one who visited Allah on His Arsh.
Hadith #1. From Zayd al-Hasham: “I said to Abu Abdullah (alayhi salam): “What is for the one who visited grave of Hussain?”. He answered: “He alike the one who visited Allah on His Arsh”.
Hadith #2. From Basheer ad-Dakhan …. Abu Abdullah (alayhi salam) said .. “O Basheer who would visit grave Hussain (alayhi salam) knowing his rights, is alike visited Allah on his Arsh”.
Hadith #3. From Zayd al-Hasham, Abu Abdullah (alayhi salam) said: “Who would visit grave of Hussain (alayhi salam) in the day of Ashura knowing his rights, alike the one who visited Allah on His Arsh”.
Hadith #4. From Basheer ad-Dakhan …..  Abu Abdullah (alayhi salam) said: “Who would visit grave of Hussain in the day of arafah,  alike the one who visited Allah on His Arsh.
Pay attention to last hadith, it’s clear call to abandon haj. Because man can’t be at haj at arafah, and at the same hand be at the grave of Hussain.

Abdulhamid al-Muhajiri: There is no single weak narration in book “al-Kamil fi ziyarat”

Salam alaikum.

Here you can read some narrations from this “sahih” book.

And in this book it was reported that imam said:

و حـدثـنـى مـحـمـد بـن عـبـد الله بـن جـعـفر الحميرى ، عن ابيه ، عن يعقوب بن يزيد الانـبـارى ، عـن مـحـمـد بـن ابـى عـمـيـر، عـن زيـد الشـحـام ، عن ابى عبد الله عليه السلام قال : من زار قبر الحسين بن على عليه السلام يوم عاشوراء عارفا بحقه كان كمن زار الله فى عرشه

Whoever visited imam Hussein in the day of Ashura, (and) he knows his rights, he like visited Allah on His arsh”.

See this hadith in that book on-line.

Merits of Karbala

Kaamil az-Ziyaarat [the new print], it says:From Al-baqir : “ Whoever visits Husayn on the day of ‘Ashoora, until he sits there crying : he will meet Allaah on the Day of Judgement with the reward of thousands and thousands of Hajj , and thousands and thousands of Umrah, and the reward of thousands and thousands of battles. And the reward of each of these Hajj and Umra and battles is like the reward of one which is done toghether with the Prophet (sallahAllahu alayhi wasallam), and the guided Imaams may peace be on all of them. ”
1. The book called ‘al-mazaar’ , it says :Chapter : ‘ Ziyaarah [Visiting the shrine] on the Day of ‘Ashoora [1] before the Sun sets , for those who are far or near’As you can see the title has a footnote [look at the book itself], now lets see what the foonote reads :

From Abee Abdillaah : “Whoever visits the grave of Husayn ibn Alee on the Day of ‘Ashoora -while recognizing his right- he will be like one who visited Allaah on His ‘Arsh [Throne] !”

Book named “Kamil az-ziyarat”It says :

” Allaah The Blessed The Exalted created the land of Karbalaa 24,000 years before He created the Ka’bah. And made it holy and blessed it. So it has’nt ceased to be blessed and holy among the creations of Allaah, and it wont cease to be like that until Allaah makes it the best of the lands of paradise , and the best of places and abodes in which Allaah rests in it His allies. ”

Who Killed Al-Hussain?

Who Killed Al-Hussain?

Who Killed Al-Hussain? [1]

Retelling the tragedy of Karbalâ has traditionally been an important feature of Shî‘î spirituality. The passion plays of Iran and the Indian subcontinent, the literature, both prose and poetry, composed upon the subject of the martyrdom of Sayyidunâ Hussain (radiyallâhu ‘anhu) and the general atmosphere of mourning that reigns amongst the Shî‘ah during the month of Muharram, all bear eloquent testimony to importance of that event in the Shî‘î calendar. To the Shî‘ah, ‘Âshurâ is probably the most important day of the year. Continue reading

Exposing liar Tijani

Salam alaikum.

This shameless man in his book  “All solutions are with prophet’s progeny”, in chapter “Every day is karabala…” at page 147, said:

Perhaps, the problem of the Shia concerning the congregational prayer throughout history has found in them some unseriousness and indifference because of the severe conditions they faced throughout history. It was very difficult for them to offer congregational prayers behind Sunni imams who changed the rulings of prayer and were used to abuse Imam Ali (a.s.) and the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) in their prayers.

Allahu Akbar! Which one from sunni imams use to abuse ahlel-bait in prays?!!!

Laanatullahi alal kadhibin!