Reality of the crisis between the Shia scholars and the Quran

The Fractious Schizophrenia
(Discussing the reality of the crisis between the Shia scholars and the Quran)


The purpose of this brief study is to show the ‘Aqaed(beliefs) the Twelver Shia sect has concerning the holy book of Allah, and how their ‘Aqeedah(belief) pushes them away from this book and alienates them from it.

There is a crisis between the Shia scholars and the book of Allah, a crisis they will not admit to having in any debate or interview because the only thing they care about is to win and look as best as they can in the eyes of the people. this study shall uncover this crisis by exposing the root of the problem, a set of corrupt beliefs that the Shia scholars hold on to as part of their ‘Aqeedah (Which they attribute to Ahlul-Bayt). Continue reading

Is the Book “Fara’id al-Samtayn” a sunni book?

Alhamdulillah another lie from shia callers exposed by brother Tripoly sunni.

In the very same shia encyclopaedia, in the chapter “Ghadir Khum (Part 2 of 3)”  they say:

During the reign of Uthman, Ali protested by reminding people the following tradition. Also, he reminded it again during the war of Siffin: When the Messenger of Allah spoke of (Tradition of Ghadir)…, Salman stood up and said: “O’ Messenger of Allah! What does WALAA mean? and how?” Prophet replied: “The same way that I am your WALI (Wala-un ka wala’i). Whomever (considered me) I was more deserving in him than himself, then Ali is more deserving in him than himself.”

Sunni reference: Fara’id al-Samtain, by Hamawaini (Abu Is’haq Ibrahim Ibn Sa’d al-Din Ibn al-Hamawiyia), section 58.

Let us this introduction from this “sunni” man, that he wrote to his book.

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Hadith: Congratulations to you son of Abu Talib!

Saalam alaikum.

It was reported from Bara ibn Azeeb (r.a):

“We were in the company of the Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) when we camped at Ghadir Khumm. The call for congregational prayers was made. The site of two trees was chosen and it was swept clean. He performed the noon-time prayers then took `Ali by the hand and asked the crowd: `Do you not know that I have more authority over the believers than the believers themselves have?’ They answered: `Yes we do.’ He asked: `Do you know that I have more authority over every believer than the believer himself has?’ They answered in the affirmative; then he took `Ali’s hand and said: `Whoever has accepted me as his master this `Ali is his master; O Lord! Befriend whoever befriends him and be the enemy of whoever chooses to be his enemy.’ `Umer met him immediately following that and said to him: `Congratulations to you son of Abu Talib! You have become at dawn and at sunset the master of every believing man and woman.'”

We seen many shias who use this hadith as an evidence.

It was transmitted by ibn Askakir in “Tarih” (42/221), Ahmad in “Musnad”  and “Fadhail” (1016), Thalabi in “Kashf wal bayan” (5/131), Ajurri “Shariah” (1480)  and ibn Abu Shayba in “Musannaf” with little difference.

All of them transmitted it via Ali ibn Zayd ibn Jadan. Weak rafidi in accordance to almost majority of all scholars.