The REAL reason why the Rafidah hate the Sword Of Allah, KHALED BIN AL-WALEED

khalidalwaleed_2_1024The One Who Broke The Ribs Of the Majoos – Abu Sulaiman, KHALED BIN WALEED (رضي الله عنه)

Do you know the REAL reason why the Rafidah (Majoos, spawn of the Sassanid-Majoos and Sabaite-Yahood) hate on  Khaled bin Al-Waleed? Sure, they hate most Sahabas anyway, especially those Sahaba who participated in the opening (Fath) of Persia and freed the Persians of the oppression of the Sassanids and brought Islam to Persia. Their (Rafidah’s) number one on the list (to pick on) is Al-Farooq Omar and this is as we know because he BROKE the RIBS of Yazgerd, the Kisra (King) of the Sassanids. As for Khaled, the unsheathed sword of Allah, well, did you know that Khaled did not just aided the the Prophet (عليه الصلاة و السلام) in many CRUCIAL battles but also took part in the battles under the Caliphate of Abu Bakr and Omar against the Sassanid Persian MAJOOS? Yes, you got it, this is the REAL reason why they hate him, all the other doubts raised against him have been answered a long time (including in this article) and are just cheap excuses to cover the deep Sassanid-Majoosi grudge that has infested their sect more and more throughout history. Anyway, here a short reminder of the achievements of Khaled, something to ponder upon:

– The Battle of Mu’tah (not the sexual battle the Rafidah are involved in i.e. Mut’ah/fornication (متعة) but Mu’tah (with a Hamzah = معركة مؤتة).

This battle took place near the village of Mu’tah, east of the Jordan River (some Sahaba graves are stil in Jordan), between the Messenger and his companions and the forces of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire who STARTED the war by killing

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In Defence Of Khaled bin Al-Waleed

Refuting the argument that during the khilâfah of Sayyidunâ Abû Bakr (r) , Khâlid ibn al-Walîd, the Sahâbî military commander, killed Mâlik ibn Nuwayrah, and married his widow on the very eve of his murder, without even waiting for her ‘iddah to expire.

The incident of Mâlik ibn Nuwayrah is one of those cases which are frequently cited by Shî‘î propagandists whose first step in the direction of convincing and converting the Ahl as-Sunnah almost invariably assumes the form of an attempt to prove how innately corrupt and evil the Sahâbah were (na‘ûdhu billâh). Continue reading

Did Khaalid ibn al-Waleed kill Maalik ibn Nuwayrah so that he could marry his wife?

Praise be to Allaah.


The noble Sahaabi Khaalid ibn al-Waleed was the Sword of Allaah that was unsheathed against the mushrikeen, and the leader of the mujaahideen, (known as) al-Qurashi al-Makhzoomi al-Makki. He became Muslim in 7 AH after the conquest of Khaybar, or it was said that it happened before that. He died in 21 AH, and is known for many virtues. Among the most important reports about his virtues are the following:

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