Muhammad al-Baqir narrated more hadith in Sahih Muslim than …

… the Siddiq, Abu Bakr ibn Abi Quhafa. Yes, there more ahadith recorded through Muhammad al-Baqir in the Sahih of Imam Muslim than there is through Abu Bakr. Then the Rafidah want us to believe that Sunnis are the result of Umayyad fabrications and that they barely narrated from the Ahl al-Bayt and that in order to love and take narrations from the Ahl al-Bayt one must become a Twelver Rafidi (نعوذ بالله).

Imam Muhammad bin ‘Ali (AL-BAQIR)

Al-Dhahabi al-Turkistani in his famous Siyar A’lam an-Nubala`:

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Qawwam Ad-Din Al Qummi – alteration of hadith from Musnad

Book: Hadith as-Saqalain.

Author: Qawwam Ad-Din Al Qummi

At the pages 22-23 of this book, this shia author quoted hadith from Musnad of imam Ahmad as you can see in the footnote. He quoted it in this form:

One of the prophets women was asked one day about moral of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi), and she answered: His moral was Quran.


In Musnad of Ahmad you can see:

هشام بن عامر قال أتيت عائشة فقلت يا أم المؤمنين أخبرينى بخلق رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم-. قالت كان خلقه القرآن

Hisham ibn Amir: One day I came to Aisha and asked her: O mother of faithful, what was the moral of prophet – sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) – she said: His moral was Quran.

As majority of rafidha this Qawwam ad-Din couldn’t mention Aisha and mention her title, because that would be praise for her, if they would narrate from her and rely upon her in ahadeth, and they wouldn’t be able to attack her as mad dogs, if they would name her mother of faithful. That’s why this rafidi preferred to not even name her.

Ibn Taimiyyah on Ali (r.a)

Listen to the “Father Of The Wahhabi’s” alayhi rahmatallah:

In his book while he was answering to question regarding person, who doesn’t consider Ali as a part of ahlelbayt, sheikhul Islaam said:

As for Ali being the part of ahlelbayt, that is from things regarding which there is no contradiction between Muslims. And that is so apparent between Muslims, that need no proof. More than this, he is best from ahlalbayt, and best from bani Hashim after the messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam). And it’s proven from messenger of Allah (salallalahu alaihi wa sallam) that he put his cloak upon Ali, and Fatima, and Hasan and Husayn and said: “O Allah, these are my ahlelbayt, take away from them impurity, and purify them with a thorough purification”.

Source: “al-Fatawa al-Kubra” volume 1, p 55, masalah – 5 – 5.
Darul Kutub al-Ilmiyah. Thk: Mustafa Abdulqader Ata and Muhammad Abdulqader Ata.