Scholarly opinions on sending Blessings and prayers on other than the Prophets

As many of you might be aware of or at least have encountered many Shias making a fuss about the “Salawaat” issue i.e. sending prayers upon the Prophet عليه الصلاة و السلام . As usual they lie and claim that Sunnis have somehow neglected the Prophet’s houshold even when it comes to the form of the prayer they usually send upon the Prophet صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم . Their main argument is that the Ahl Al-Sunnah send some sort of “incomplete” prayer upon the Prophet t صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم . Alhamdulillah we have responded to that argument and

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Want to follow Ali (عليه السلام)? Follow his final verdict and send salam on Omar (صلوات الله عليه)

259894_10151148859173651_875475863_nYes,  a good number of rock-solid Sahih narrations (whom Rafidah in their picking and chosing game will never mention) state so. So next time a Rafidi shows you such and such Hadith (like the Hadith in Bukhari where Omar says Ali called him a liar etc.) that says Ali had an argument with Omar, or Ali called Omar this or that etc. then you know how to respond:

The Sahaba (Ahl Al-Bayt included) were human beings and human beings have arguments, heck, the Qur’an says that TWO BELIEVING groups can be involved in a war and fight with one another, this is because NONE of them (neither the Ahl Al-Bayt nor the Sahaba) were ‘infallibles’, they were not Prophets to be infallible in any shape or form, hence they committed sins, but their good deeds were by far greater than their sins, hence Allah had forgiven them and promised them Jannah, hence Ali Ibn Abi Talib forgave his brothers and had (ultimately) nothing but good to say about his brothers the Sahaba, especially the likes of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

Everyone by now knows that the religion of hatred and cursing (Shiasm) tries its UTMOST to potray the Sahaba and Ahl Al-Bayt as die-hard enemies. They try to use every narration to

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Do the Ahl Al-Sunnah pray an “incomplete” prayer/salawat on the Prophet (peace be upon HIM)?

Watch it and see how the scholarly response should be to a widespread Shi’ite accusation …

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