Lie of Khomayni

May Allah disgrace Khomayni in both of the worlds!

In his book “Kashful asrar” (p 143) he wrote that Abul Abbas ibn Uqda wrote the book about chains of hadith al-Qadir. And as you can see Khomayni claimed that ibn Uqda was from prominent sunnis!

khomayni on ibn uqda


But imam Dhahabi said in Mizanul itidal (1/136) about this ibn Uqda:

شيعي متوسط. ضعفه غير واحد، وقواه آخرون.

Average shia, was weakened by more than one (scholar) and strengthen by others.



Prophet (saws) didn’t recognize Angel

Narrated by as-Saduq in Maanil Akhbar (p 104):



Musa ibn Jafar  (a.s.) said, ‘Once when the Messenger of Allah was sitting an angel who had twenty four faces came to him. The Messenger of Allah said to him, “My friend Jibril, I had not seen you in this form before.” The angel said, ” Iam not Jibril, (I am Mahmud). Allah, the Most Majestic, the Most gracious, has sent me to join in marriage the light with the light.” He then asked, “Who with who?” The angel said, “Fatima and Ali (a.s.).” The Imam (a.s.) said, “When the angel turned back on his shoulder it said, “Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, and Ali (a.s.) the executor of his will.” The Messenger of Allah asked, “Since when this has been written on your shoulder?” The angel replied, “It was there twenty two thousand year before Allah created Adam.”

We all know that shias believe that neither prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) nor Imams could err.

Majlisi in Rawda said hadith is strong (5/349), and also said strong as saheeh (8/187).

Refuting the doubt: Sunni-Salafi Imam: ”Eating Pork?” – ”It’s all right”

Bismillah, in the net came across with shia doubt against Abu Haneefa, rahimahullah. First of all praise to Allah, that these idiots from rawafid at last didn’t differ between sunni and salafis. Seems to me they start realizing that sunni and salafi two different names of one saved sect.

Anyway, here their doubt:

بسم الله
أخبرنا محمد بن القاسم بن حاتم قال : حدثنا محمد بن داود السمنانى قال : حدثنا ابن المصفى قال : حدثنا سويد بن عبد العزيز قال : جاء رجل إلى أبى حنيفة فقال : ما تقول فيمن أكل لحم الخنزير ؟ فقال : لا شئ عليه

Suwaid bin Abdul Aziz said: One man come to Abu Hanifa and asked: ‘What do you say about one who eats Pork?’ – ‘It’s all right’ answered Abu Hanifa.
Sunni – Salafi References:
Source: al-Machruhin by Muhammad bin Hibban, Volume 3, page 73,

We answer:

1) Chain of this report is weak. Suwayd ibn Abdulaziz was weak, as said Nasai in Duafa, ibn Hajar in Talkhis al-Khabir (11/210),  imam Ahmad as it was reported by Bukhari in Duafa as-Saghir,  and others

2) Translation is wrong and incorrect. Because imam didn’t answer “it is alright”, as shia claim. He said: “There is nothing upon him”, and it is very obvious from the text that he mean no punishment upon him in this world (like for robbery, zina and etc).

3) We asking shia to bring single sound evidence from their sources, that they aimma prescribed any punishment upon the one who eat pork.

4) If they can’t do this, they should agree with imam Abu Haneefa, that there is nothing upon such person.


They believed he was the Imam…but he died.

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

You all know what the Imami Shia scholars agreed on, that the one who doesn’t believe in all twelve Imams is NOT a believer  nor is the one who adds an additional Imam, and they keep talking about how the narrations are Mutawatir about the Imams and that we Muslims hid these narrations ect…

Well check out this additional nonsense from their leader and renowned scholar al-Imam alSayyid Muhsin al-Ameen, in his book “A`iyaan al-Shiah” 10/5:


السيد أبو جعفر محمد بن الإمام علي أبي الحسن الهادي . توفي في حدود سنة 252 .

جليل القدر عظيم الشأن كانت الشيعة تظن انه الامام بعد أبيه ع فلما توفي نص أبوه على أخيه أبي محمد الحسن الزكي ع وكان أبوه خلفه بالمدينة طفلا لما اتي به إلى العراق ثم قدم عليه في سامراء ثم أراد الرجوع إلى الحجاز فلما بلغ القرية التي يقال لها بلد على تسعة فراسخ من سامراء مرض وتوفي ودفن قريبا منها ومشهده هناك معروف مزور . ولما توفي شق اخوه أبو محمد ثوبه وقال في جواب من لامه على ذلك قد شق موسى على أخيه هارون . وسعى المحدث العلامة الشيخ ميرزا حسين النوري في تشييد مشهده وتعميره وكان له فيه اعتقاد عظيم

[9920 – al-Sayyid abu Ja`far Muhammad son of Imam `Ali abi al-Hasan al-Hadi:
died around 252 AH.
Of great value, the Shia believed that he was the Imam after his father (as), so when he died, his father then pointed to his brother abu Muhammad al-Hasan al-Zakee (as) …]

Where are the Mutawatir texts!? how can the dummies believe that the Imam after `Ali al-Hadi was Muhammad, during the life of `Ali al-Hadi and that they only learn the truth AFTER his death!?