Sistani and calling upon Imams


Book “Fatawa Muyasarah” compiled from fatwas of ayatolla Sistani.

At page 421 you can read:

Q: Is it permissible to ask for sustenance, a child, protection or intercession directly from the infallible ones?

Sistani: Let me ask you first. Do you seek this from them because they create, or sustain, or protect?

Questioner answers: Certainly not. But rather because they are the means to Allah Subhana wa Taala, the intercessors with Him in the disposal of affairs, and because they cannot do anything but with the permission of Allah, the Sublime and Exalted.

Sistani: You mean that they ask Allah the Exalted and He creates, and they ask Him and He sustains, and they ask Him and He protects, and because they are intercessors, whose pleas or supplications are not rejected, because of their status with Allah, the Sublime, and for their guardianship over us?

Questioner: Yes, I mean that.

Sistani: This is permissible. Allah (s.w.t.) says: “…and seek means of nearness to Him…” (Qur’an, 5:35) and they (alaihuma salam) are your means of approach to Allah Subhana wa Taala. This is permissible.

So basicly he see no problem in person which lives (for example) in USA, and which would in early morning supplicate in English: Ya Abu Abdullah give me a child!

Just this person has to imagine that Abu Abdullah (which didn’t speak English)hear him in USA, exactly as he hear all his fellows all over the world in all languages, and he would simple forward his dua to Allah.

:Astaghfirullah: and :Alhamdulillah:! Because He made us Muslims! And sane!

Such kind of dua, which was approved by this shia scholar is the very same shirk al-akbar, which removes person from the Islam!

Ali is superior to prophet, and Fatima is superior to Ali

By brother TripolySunni:

I was reading some of the sources for This Shia ” Hadith al-Qudsi “:

 يا أحمد ـ لولاك ، لما خلقت الافلاك ، ولولا علي لما خلقتك ولولا فاطمة ، لما خلقتكما 

Translation of Shia Hadith Qudsi:
Allah said to the Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam: “O Ahmad if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have created the universe, and if it weren’t for Ali I wouldn’t have created you, and if it weren’t for Fatima I wouldn’t have created you both.”

Shia sources:
– al-Jannah al-‘Asimah p148.
– Multaqa al-Bahrayn p14.
– Mustadrak Safeenat al-Bihar 3/334.
– ‘Awalim al-‘Awalim wal Ma’arif p26 from Majma’a al-Noorayn.
– Min Fiqh al-Zahraa 1/19.
al-Asrar al-Fatimiyyah p237.
– Fatima Sirr al-Woujoud p61,62.

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Shia follows to Astrology!

Kulayni narrated in his “al-Kafi” (8/275):

عدة من أصحابنا، عن أحمد بن محمد بن خالد، عن علي بن أسباط، عن إبراهيم بن محمد بن حمران، عن أبيه، عن أبي عبدالله (ع) قال: من سافر أو تزوج والقمر في العقرب لم ير الحسنى

From Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam): “Whoever would travel or marry when Moon is in the Scorpio, wouldn’t see goodness (from these)”.

Commentary of verse 65 from surah az-Zumar

Allah said:

[Yusufali 39:65] But it has already been revealed to thee,- as it was to those before thee,- “If thou wert to join (gods with Allah), truly fruitless will be thy work (in life), and thou wilt surely be in the ranks of those who lose (all spiritual good)”.

In Tafseer of Furat al-Kufi narrated from Abu Jafar (alaihi salam):

If you would make shirk in the wilayah of Ali, you would be surely be in the ranks of those who lose (all spiritual good)

Reason on thunder.

Majlisi in “Buharul anwar” (27/32-33) narrated from Samaah ibn Mihran:

قال: كنت عند أبي عبد الله عليه السلام فأرعدت السماء وأبرقت، فقال أبو عبد الله عليه السلام: أما إنه ما كان من هذا الرعد ومن هذا البرق فانه من أمر صاحبكم، قلت: من صاحبنا ؟ قال: أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام

I was near Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam) when sky covered with clouds and (we heard) the burst of the thunder. He said: “That’s thunder and lightning are from your companion”. We asked:”Who is that?” Imam replied: “Amirulmuminin (alaihi salam).

Tafsir of 18:110

Allah Taala said in the Quran:

Say: I am only a mortal like you; it is revealed to me that your god is one Allah, therefore whoever hopes to meet his Lord, he should do good deeds, and not join any one in the service of his Lord.

Let us see shia commentary of this verse.

Al-Ayashi in his commentary (2/353) said:

عن سماعة بن مهران قال: سألت ابا عبد الله عليه السلام عن قول الله: (فليعمل عملا صالحا ولا يشرك بعبادة ربه احدا) قال: العمل الصالح المعرفة بالائمة، (ولا يشرك بعبادة ربه احدا) التسليم لعلى لا يشرك معه في الخلافة من ليس ذلك له ولا هو من أهله

From Sulaiman ibn Mihran: “I asked Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam) about saying of Allah “he should do good deeds, and not join any one in the service of his Lord”. He said: “Good deeds” that’s knowledge of imams, and “not join any one in the service of his Lord” mean submit yourself to Ali, and don’t make partners with him in the caliphate from those who has no share in that, and who is not from its people.