The Ahl al-Bayt would rejoice seeing the leveled graves of al-Baqi’



بسم الله و الحمد لله الذي رفع راية التوحيد إلى يوم الدين, و الصلاة و السلام على إمام الموحدين و قائد المتوكلين, نبينا و سيدنا محمد و على آله الطيبين و صحبه الغر الميامين, و بعد:

Here’s a compilation (of Shia and Sunni) SAHIH (authentic) narrations about the prohibition of erecting structures over graves, venerating graves, kissing them etc. Many Shias are not even aware that these reports exists in their books, this might be due to the allergy their scholars have when it comes to Tawhid. Shia scholars usually do not mention the narrations we are going to present you, and if they do (only due to pressure of the Internet that has exposed their religion), they (as usual) come up with abstract and far-fetched interpretations to explain the monothestic narrations that are deeply buried somewhere in their Madhhab (yes, even in their Madhhab, despite all the lies they have attributed to the Ahl al-Bayt) away in order to secure their money-machines, which you will soon find out are the exravagant palace+5* looking tombs, shrines and mausoleums.

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Ahl al-Bayt VS. the ‘Ayatullah’


Imam al-Sadiq would have made Takfir on the ‘Ayatullahs’ and the absolute majority of the Shi’ites who are indulged in such paganism in the name of Islam and the Prophet’s Household (peace be upon them):

The actual position of the Ahl al-Bayt from Shia sources whom Shias are either ignorant of or chose not to follow (due to them agreeing with the monotheistic nature of Sunnism i.e. Islam):

عن عباس بن يزيد عن ابي عبدالله عليه السلام قال: قلت له: ان هؤلاء العوام يزعمون ان الشرك اخفى من دبيب النمل في الليلة الظلماء.. فقال: لا يكون العبد مشركا حتى يصلي لغير الله أو يذبح لغير الله أو يدعو لغير الله عز وجل..»

وسائل الشيعة 341/28
وبحار الانوار 96/69
والخصال 136/1.

On the authority of Abbas Ibn Yazid [nice name for a Shia, isn’t it?], from Abi Abdillah (al-Sadiq), peace be upon him, whom I [Ibn Yazid] told: The people claim that shirk is more hidden than the creeping of an ant in the pitch-darkness of the night. He (Al-Sadiq) said: “The slave (of Allah) does not become a Mushrik until he prays to other than Allah, sacrifices for other than Allah or invokes other than Allah ‘azza wa jall”.


Wasa’el Al-Shia 341/28
Bihar Al-Anwar 96/69
Al-Khisal 136/1.

All the prohibitions are done by Imamite Shi’ites and sanctified by their Grand Ayatullahs. From praying (or invoking) the Ahl al-Bayt (under the pretext of Tawassul) to sacrificing for Imams, [Abu al-Fadhl] al- ‘Abbas etc.


Qur’an has a Shia chain of transmission?

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The Imami Shia of our time use many deceptive strategies in order to defend their beliefs, from these strategies is to accuse their opponents of defects that they themselves have. This tactic serves no purpose other than wasting time, it is an easy quick escape for them. Continue reading

Shia ‘Ayatullahs’ reciting the Qur’an – BEYOND HILARIOUS

This one is absolutely hilarious. Their TOP scholars are nothing but a bunch of heretics (we know that already) but the sad (and funny) thing which MANY Sunnis don’t know is that their TOP-NOTCH Ayatullats can’t even recite a Fatiha correctly, not even the Arab ones. I mean what a joke of a cult Rafidism is? Don’t they know that a scholar, heck, even a Sunni kid would burst into laughter just by hearing them ‘reciting’ (reading like a newspaper) the Qur’an. Who on earth will take these clowns serious? And more importantly, who is so stupid to take this Shayateen as lords besides Allah (Marja’s, sources of guidance for the Rafidah!).

This is Shia cleric Hussein Al-Moayyad who left Shiism for Islam and Sunnah

Left (Shia), right (Muslim, Sunnah)

Left (Rafidi Shiite), right (Muslim, Sunnah)

Every sect and religion has their reverts and converts, so do the Rafidah. A few Christians, Hindus and other pagan Mushriks here and there (who don’t need to change alot, they travel from polytheism to polytheism) and sometimes even some ‘great’ Sunni personalities’ (i.e. in 100% of the cases either former extreme Ex-Sufis or other heretics who happen to replace Ya saint/Wali help me Ya Ali/Fatimah/Hussein/Mahdi etc. madad (help me).

Usually, the Shia they boast about how many (allegled) Sunnis convert to Shiism. Now even if that’s true  then it basically proves nothing, because the truth or falsehood are not measured by the (the number of) converts, and as a matter of fact, more Iranian Shiites turn Christian, Zoroastrian, Atheist (and even Sunni) than any other (muslim) nation in the world. Now would that make Shiism wrong by default because so many Iranian Shiites happen to convert to other religions?! Certainly not, for the truth is not measured by proving who has more or less reverts/converts (again, Shias having more reverts is an exaggeration anyway, they never mention the rise of Sunnism inside Iran, especially in Ahwaz).

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