Shias celebrate the demise of Sayyidah Hafsa and `Aisha’s in Iraq/Baghdad

Yes, in Iraq of Abu Hanifah and Imam Ahmad, in Ramadhan 2013. How can that even be possible? Well, remember that behind the deception of ‘death to America/Israel’ chantings and despite all differences Iran/America/Israel might have, there is still something that unites the masonic crusaders and the masonic Safawid Rafidah i.e. their hatred for Islam and the Ahl Al-Sunnah, and this is why America has handed out Iraq to a bunch of WELL-KNOWN Iranian Shia stooges:

iranianmajoostraitorsAs for the clip:

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Angry Sunni villagers kill Shia cleric Hassan Shehata – A Sunni point of view

994165_532272016821012_719413834_nThe net is filled with bias articles of the Safavids such as Press TV. Here a glimpse of Rafidi Safavid brainwashing, a quote from Iran’s new ssite “(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) –

He was a prominent Shia cleric who had thousands of followers due to his moderate views and his denouncement of radical and extremist movements in Egypt.”

The Iranian ALALAAM network states:

A group of Salafi radicals has attacked the home of a prominent Shia leader in Egypt, killing him brutally and three other people.

The Safavids in the west, RAFIDI TV aka PRESS TV state:

Takfiri extremists kill top Shia cleric and 4 others in Egypt

Takfiris? Salafist?! Yes, you heard right, this is the brainwashing by the Rafidi Safavid mediawho turned a bunch of villagers into a certain group. The even have the audacity to make it seem as if some flower selling Shia cleric was ‘suddenly’ murdered by an angry mob of (of course) evil Salafis. What Salafis? What Salafi clerics (as other sources state)?! Every non-Safavid affected brain can see that some average man, literally villagers, average Sunnis of Egypt went crazy and lynched a Rafidi Shia cleric, a rabid and vile Zindiq (heretic), a twelver Shiite (a Rafidi) cleric named Hassan Shehata (the always shaven Shaykh!) has been killed, or let’s say massacred. When? Ironically on the 15th of Sha’ban (june 2013), on the birthday of the (cellar dwelling) hidden Shia saviour . Yes, they celebrate his birthday too, on every 15th of Sha’ban, Shehata was celebrating  the birtdhay of the 12th Imam who is a vile and masonic-Dajjal like personality according to Sunnis, in reality of coursenon-existing, since the 11th Imam had no son whatsoever, even according to some Shias, yet his description in Shia books fit with what is called the Dajjal i.e. Anti-Christ (who WILL be existing in the future) according to Muslim. Shia believe that this monster will emerge and start off with killing Sunni clerics and resurrect the wive of the Prophet Aaisha and his companions Abu Bakr and Omar to burn, crucify and flog them for some thousand years. You can imagine why Sunnis hate this creature and those who celebrate his birthday.

So was Shehata’s crime? You just read the answer and you’ll see more evidence of his chimped out sermons where he insulted everything Sunni …

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Death of Omar is their Eid!

According to the Rafidi religion, the demise of ‘Omar is an Islamic ‘Eid (holiday) (see 1, 2). They innovate in the religion more than any other deviated group.

Now here some more evidence, proving the perversion and sickness of the Rafidi cult. Sheikh Abu Ali Al-Isfahani, another Rafidi who ASCRIBED fabrications to the Ahl Al-Bait to innovate the Eid (!) of Zahrah’/celebrating Omar’s demise!


CHAPTER: THE VIRTUES OF THE ninth of (the month) of Rabi Al Awwal (death of Omar)

“The ninth of the month of Rabi Al Awwal is a great day according to the infallible and pure Ahl Al-Bayt peace be upon them, for they considered this day a GREAT EID, rather it is from the greatest and MOST IMPORTANT OF EID according to them. It is reported that the Imams peace be upon them, themselves CELEBRATED on this day, not just themselves, rather they ordered their Shias and followers to consider this day an EID (!) and to celebrate and to joy on that day. The status and importance of this day is known by what the Imams peace be upon them called it, namely “THE SECOND GHADIR (EID)”taking into consideration that the narrations state that EID AL GHADIR is “THE GREATEST EID OF ALLAH” (i.e. Eid Al-Zahra is the SECOND BIGGEST EID!!!).

… Imam Baqir was busy CELEBRATING EID … so we said: SUBHANALLAH! The Eid’s (holidays) of the Shia are four:”Al Ad’ha, Al Fitr, Al Ghadir and the day of Jumu’ah …. but it is reported that that day (EID AL ZAHRA/OMAR’S DEATH) is considered the GREATEST EID in the sight of the Ahl Al Bayt peace be upon them, and their followers. (Then it goes on saying how Imam Al Askari celebrated the NINTH OF RABI AL AWWAL and ordered his servants to celebrate and put on new cloth!)

Shirazi and takfir of sunnis

Just another Q/A for all people who were deluded by shia calls to brotherhood.

هل المعتقدين بإمامة أبي بكر وعمر بن الخطاب يدخلون الجنة؟
جاء في الخبر الصحيح ما مضمونه: «أنه سئل الامام الصادق سلام الله عليه عن أقلّ ما يُخرج الإنسان عن الدين؟ فقال سلام الله عليه: هو أن يعتقد بشيء لم يكن من عند الله بأنّه من عند الله» فإمامة عليّ بن أبي طالب وأولاده المعصومين بتصريح من النبي الكريم كانت من عند الله،فمن
اعتقد بإمامتهم كان على دين الله ودخل الجنة إن شاء الله تعالى.

Q – Would people who believe in the Imamate of Abu Bakr and Umar enter heaven?

A – It came in authentic report this meaning: “Imam Jafar, peace be upon him, was asked about less thing which could put person from Islam. And answer, peace be upon him, that it is belief that something which is not from Allah is from Allah”.  And Imamate of Ali ibn Abu Talib and his progeny, by clear statement from Nabi al-Karim is from Allah.  And who would believe in their Imamate is upon the religion of Allah, and by Allah wish, would enter heaven.