Hiding the ugly truth of the Shia

al-Salamu ‘Aleykum,

This is a topic for those who have a very good idea about how the Shia function, and they usually function in two groups both having the same goal but the second group is much more dangerous, meaning the likes of Khomeini who has the most evil of beliefs and intentions in his heart but outwardly talks about “Unity” and “Love” between Twelver Shia and Muslims. Sometimes however this “beautiful mask” that hides the vile truth of the shia is exposed by none other than the Shia scholars themselves, and as you know Shiism in its true form can never spread among the Muslims or the non-Muslims and this is one of the main reasons for hiding it. A Shia has to deceive in order to get under people’s skin, in order to earn their trust and loyalty, then he starts spewing his poison.

The Almighty says in his glorious book:
{ [Allah praises] those who convey the messages of Allah and fear Him and do not fear anyone but Allah. And sufficient is Allah as Accountant. } [al-Ahzab : 39]

The Shia Imams usually act like they never read the above verse, this is why we find narrations of lies and Taqqiyah constantly attributed to them and by God they are Innocent from this accusation, but this religion has chosen to take the path of lies. Continue reading

Imams continue misguiding the nation

The Imam according to the Shia intentionally misleads and misguides his followers as well as the mainstream Muslims (sunnah), in this topic we will quote the narrations quoted by the Shia scholar Yusuf al-Bahrani in the introduction of his book “al-Hadaeq al-Nadirah”, we read: Continue reading

Wolfs in sheep’s clothings

Book: Hulasa al-Aqwal

Author: Ibn Muttahar al-Hilli.

At page 245, he said:

– محمد بن ابراهيم بن يوسف الكاتب، يكنى ابا الحسن، وقال احمد بن عبدون: هو أبو بكر الشافعي، مولده سنة احدى وثمانين ومائتين بالحسينية، وكان على الظاهر يتفقه على مذهب الشافعي ويرى رأي الشيعة الامامية في الباطن، وكان فقيها على المذهبين، وله على المذهبين كتب
Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn Yusuf al-Katib, nicknamed Abul Hasan, and Ahmad ibn Abdan said: He is Abu Bakr ash-Shafei. He was born in 281 year BY HUSAYNIYAH (?????)and apparently he was in the fiqh of mazhab ash-Shafei, AND INSIDE OF HIM, HE WAS ON THE VIEW OF SHIA IMAMIYAH, and he was faqih upon two mazhabs, and he has books in two mazhabs.

And here two Shahids of shias!