The Rafidhi Up In Smoke Tour

Smoking seems to be a Sunnah Muakkadah for Rafidha scholars. Of course, in all sorts of sects or religions you will find people smoking, even in Islam. The thing is though, and this is even known among non-Muslim, religious Muslims don’t smoke (heck, even many non-Muslims don’t smoke). Now some may argue that the harms of smoking were not known to those who smoked few decades ago. Well, even if, no sane religious Muslim (let alone scholar) would waste his money on a obviously disgusting smelling fag, except … right, except the Rafidha scholars who are known in connection to everything that is evil.

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The Shia Mahdi – A sadistic mass-murdering Anti-Arab bigot


Yes, the title is kind of provoking (but nothing compared to what you are going to read from Shia books!) and many of you (Sunnah or Shia) – especially the common folks among the Shias – might have never heard about a single of the following narrations (that have all been classified as reliable narrations in regards to the Shia Mahdi by major classical Shia scholars whose views have more weight than any Marja’) that we have collected in this unique article. We’ve gathered the best of the best we could find on numerous Arabic websites that have (aready) finished off Shiism – especially regarding our very topic – ages ago. Even the Arab speaking Shias on various forums couldn’t come up with any good explanation except (as it is always the case) with very lame excuses and strange and farfetched explanation for the sadistic, Zoroastrian, Jewish and mass-murdering attributes of their hidden 12th saviour.

We are talking about a thorough exposure where not a single doubt will be left that the 12th Imam of the Rafidha could be ANYONE but the real Muslim Mahdi.

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The meaning of the name Muawiyah – Another Rafidi obsession

معاويهWe now that the Rafidah have a obsession with names. They become acrobates when it comes to the (bitter) fact (especially the blind following masses of the ‘Ayatullahs’) that the Imams of the AHl Al-Bayt literally LIKED names such as: – Omar – Zubayr – Aisha – Othman etc. Of course, they argue that their Imams did NOT give those names to their children out of love for the likes of Omar IBN AL-KHATTAB or Aisha BINT ABI BAKR. This of course is only a part time solution for their dilemma Continue reading

This is Shia cleric Hussein Al-Moayyad who left Shiism for Islam and Sunnah

Left (Shia), right (Muslim, Sunnah)

Left (Rafidi Shiite), right (Muslim, Sunnah)

Every sect and religion has their reverts and converts, so do the Rafidah. A few Christians, Hindus and other pagan Mushriks here and there (who don’t need to change alot, they travel from polytheism to polytheism) and sometimes even some ‘great’ Sunni personalities’ (i.e. in 100% of the cases either former extreme Ex-Sufis or other heretics who happen to replace Ya saint/Wali help me Ya Ali/Fatimah/Hussein/Mahdi etc. madad (help me).

Usually, the Shia they boast about how many (allegled) Sunnis convert to Shiism. Now even if that’s true  then it basically proves nothing, because the truth or falsehood are not measured by the (the number of) converts, and as a matter of fact, more Iranian Shiites turn Christian, Zoroastrian, Atheist (and even Sunni) than any other (muslim) nation in the world. Now would that make Shiism wrong by default because so many Iranian Shiites happen to convert to other religions?! Certainly not, for the truth is not measured by proving who has more or less reverts/converts (again, Shias having more reverts is an exaggeration anyway, they never mention the rise of Sunnism inside Iran, especially in Ahwaz).

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Most Sahaba did not participate in the Fitnah (Jamal/Siffeen)

khelaf_01Know – may Allah have mercy upon you – that the propaganda of the Rafidah has confused and poisoned many minds. Two historical events that resulted into a war between some of the companions of the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) are being used day and night in the Rafidite propaganda machineray, namely the battle of Battle of Jamal and Siffeen. Their Da’wa in this regards (as usual actually) is very emotional and thus they target the general masses of the Muslims (who in this age have not much clue about Islam in general, let alone historical events) by ranting day and night about these two events. Their aim is well known, it is to put hatred in the heart of the Muslims, hatred for the Sahaba and love only for Ali Ibn Abi Talib (رضوان الله عليه) it’s literally a black and white world i.e. whoever was with Ali is good/muslim whoever was not with Ali is a bad/Kafir and then this very sect has seriously the audacity to call others (like the ‘WAhhabis’) as ‘Takfiris’! Ironically it is the Ijma’ of the Imamite sect that all the non-Imamite sects, even Shia sects such as Zaydis are Nasibis and Kuffar and their destination (if dying upon any blief other than the Imamite one) is the hellfire. Then they add some Hadith (loving Ali is a sign of Iman etc. of course they don’t mention similar Hadith for Sahaba they hate …) and pave the way way for their Takfir of the Sahaba, it is a simple minded, Shia Takfeeri Mathematics. Of course they will never mention that Ali himself never did Takfir on those who fought him, not even the evil Khawarij who were not Sahaba in the first place.  Ali was well aware that it is a big Fitnah and hence all historians report that in the battle of Jamal and Siffeen (Muslims VS Muslims) he never showed any joy and happiness and even cursed the ones who killed some of his opponents (!), like the killer of Zubayr (رضوان الله عليه), but at Naharavan, where he killed the real Khawarij he showed joy and happiness.

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Ali’s description=Modern Wahabi description

Bismillah wa salatu wa salamu ala rasulallah.

Ibn Sad reported in Tabaqat al-Kabir (3/16-17, TaHa Publishers):

Yazid ibn Haroon reported from Ismail ibn Abi Khalid that ash-Shabi said: I saw Ali. He had a large beard which filled all that was between his shoulders..”.

al-Fadl ibn Dukayn reported from Yunus ibn Abi Ishaq that his father Abu ismail said: I saw Ali and my father said to me: Amr look at the commander of faithful. I went to him and I saw that he did not dye his beard. He had a large beard“.

Shihab ibn Abbad al-Abdi reported from Ibrahim ibn Humayd from Ismail that Amir said: I have never seen a man with a larger beard than Ali. It filled the space between his shoulders and was white.

al-Fadl ibn Dukayn reported that Rizam ibn Sad ad-Dabbi heard his father describing Ali, he said: A man taller than medium with large shoulders and a long beard..


Need your prayers


Salam alaikum.

Dear brothers and sisters, one of our brothers just became father. The child is very weak, and really needs mercy from Allah to stay alive.

Please don’t forget this little brother in your prayers. Barakallahu fikum.

Did the Ahl Al-Bayt named their children after the Caliphs and Sahabah?! Answering Yasser Al-Habeeb & other Shia apologists

namesahl2Islam emphasizes that Muslims should have good names and give good names to their children. It is reported in a hadeeth that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

“You will be called on the Day of Resurrection by your names and the names of your fathers, so have good names.”

(Reported by Abu Dawud)

What about the Ahl Al-Bayt (whom the Shia claim to follow)? Have THEY chosen good and proper names for their progeny?

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The twelth Imam (Cave/Bermuda resident) and how the Rafida youth are being fooled by the “Ayatullahs”


And whoever’s going to complain by saying that: “Well, are you going to judge Shi’ism by some comment of a laymen in the cyberspace?”

Our reply: “No, of course not, we seek refuge in Allah from that, that would be injustice and unacademical. Thanks to Allaah the Shia Raafidah clergy are literally having a race between themselves and other Mushriks, it’s like they want to prove that Shi’ism is the most superstitious and most heretical cult on earth, their followers have been brainwashed so what you’ve read above is actually what their major clergymen teach, like “Ayatullah” Ali Al-Korani, a Qom/Iran based “Ayatullah” from Lebanon who is a majort lecturer on many Shia Arab satellite channels. Among his teachings is the following:

As you can see we are following the advise of Shias who always tell Muslims that they shouldn’t inform themselves about Shi’ism by going to non-Shias, let alone enemies of Shi’ism. That’s not what we are doing, that’s not even necassary, all it needs to expose Shi’ism is to let their clergy open their mouth.

Oh, and as for the Mahdi being a caveman, then this is also being advocated by the “Marja’iyya” (“Ayatullas”) of Qom who advise the fooled Shia masses to write letters to the hidden, non-availible, non-guiding, useless, twelve Imam, just like the Jews do in Jerusalem (Jews are better though, for they at least address their letters to God only):

>>> Writing letters to cave/well Imam according to Shi’ism <<<