Death of Omar is their Eid!

According to the Rafidi religion, the demise of ‘Omar is an Islamic ‘Eid (holiday) (see 1, 2). They innovate in the religion more than any other deviated group.

Now here some more evidence, proving the perversion and sickness of the Rafidi cult. Sheikh Abu Ali Al-Isfahani, another Rafidi who ASCRIBED fabrications to the Ahl Al-Bait to innovate the Eid (!) of Zahrah’/celebrating Omar’s demise!


CHAPTER: THE VIRTUES OF THE ninth of (the month) of Rabi Al Awwal (death of Omar)

“The ninth of the month of Rabi Al Awwal is a great day according to the infallible and pure Ahl Al-Bayt peace be upon them, for they considered this day a GREAT EID, rather it is from the greatest and MOST IMPORTANT OF EID according to them. It is reported that the Imams peace be upon them, themselves CELEBRATED on this day, not just themselves, rather they ordered their Shias and followers to consider this day an EID (!) and to celebrate and to joy on that day. The status and importance of this day is known by what the Imams peace be upon them called it, namely “THE SECOND GHADIR (EID)”taking into consideration that the narrations state that EID AL GHADIR is “THE GREATEST EID OF ALLAH” (i.e. Eid Al-Zahra is the SECOND BIGGEST EID!!!).

… Imam Baqir was busy CELEBRATING EID … so we said: SUBHANALLAH! The Eid’s (holidays) of the Shia are four:”Al Ad’ha, Al Fitr, Al Ghadir and the day of Jumu’ah …. but it is reported that that day (EID AL ZAHRA/OMAR’S DEATH) is considered the GREATEST EID in the sight of the Ahl Al Bayt peace be upon them, and their followers. (Then it goes on saying how Imam Al Askari celebrated the NINTH OF RABI AL AWWAL and ordered his servants to celebrate and put on new cloth!)

Greatest shia Eid day is day of Umars death!

Rafidi Abdulhusayn al-Neysaburi in his book “Taqwimu shia” discussed and mentioned day when was assassinated Umar ibn Khattab (r.a).


Under the heading “Death of Umar ibn Khattab”, he said:

And this is day of rejoice for Ahlalbayt, more this is day of rejoice for messengers, angels, inhabitants of two gardens, and lovers of commander of faithful (a.s) and his pure children, because in it was answered the prayer of oppressed mistress Fatimah az-Zahra (a.s). And this is great day, and great holiday. And prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) gave an order for people to take it as holiday, and mentioned for it some deeds. And Allah would forgive the one who would gave charity in this day. And it is desirable in it to feed brothers, wear new clothes and distribute perfume, and thank Allah and worship Him. And it is desirable to make gusl in this day.

And for this day mentioned merits and names, amongst them: THE GREATEST HOLIDAY OF ALLAH, second Ghadir, Second Fitr, day of rejoice of shias, the holiday of Ahlalbayt, THE DAY OF DEATH OF HYPOCRISY, day of acceptance of deeds, day of victory of oppressed…..

Roohani on celebrating the death of Umar

“Ayatollah” Sadiq Al Rohani, he is considered amongst the top 5 Rafidah “Ayatollahs” on earth. Here a Fatwa in Persian:
نظر مباركتان را راجع به جلسات عيدالزهرا (س) بيان فرمائيد و بگوييد آيا اين جلسات , جلسات لهو و لعب حساب مي شود يا نه ؟ و دست زدن در آن چطور است ؟
Please tell us about your view on the “Eid Al-Zahra (AS)” [yes, another added “Eid” by the Rafidah were they celebrate Omar’s death! They believe it is ‘EID, for a Majoosi killed the “killer” – Omar r.a. – of Fatimah Al-Zahra’ r.a.] gatherings, are these gatherings classfied as games and idle talk, and what about clapping on that occasion?

جواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه
تشكيل جلسات عيدالزهراء (س) , در صورت خالي بودن از محرمات , از بهترين قربات است و اما دست زدن در صورتي كه توام با كارهاي خلاف شئون اسلامي و خلاف تقوي نباشد ؛ اشكال ندارد
Carrying out the ‘Eid Al-Zahra (AS) – when it’s free of any muharramat (prohibited activities) is considered amongst the best things means to seek closenes to Allah (qurbat), as for clapping, as long as it is according to Islamic morals and does not contradict piety then it’s absolutely fine.

PS. Contributed by brother Faylaq Omar