Sunnis would abide in the hell forever – Rajab al-Borsi

Hafidh of Shias Rajab al-Borsi said that sunnis would stay in the hell forever, this is the very same al-Borsi which accused mother of believers Aisha (r.a) in treachery!

In his book “ad-Door ath-Thamin fi Khamsmia Aya nazalat fi mawlana Amiralmuminin bi ittifaq aktharil mufasirin min ahl ad-deen”, at page 47 said: Continue reading

Shias accusing Aisha of infidelity

Book: Mashariqul anwarul yaqin.

Author: Rajab al-Borsi.

Some info regarding him from the shias, taken from intro to mentioned book.

They say that he was:

كان فقيها محدثا حافظا أديبا شاعرا مصنفا في الأخبار وغيرها

Faqih, muhadith, adib, poet, author (of books) on stories and others.

Let us see , what he narrated about mother of believers.

In chapter 4 (Fi asrar al-Hasan ibn Ali alaihuma salam)

(الفصل الرابع (في أسرار الحسن بن علي عليهما السلام)

أنه لما قدم من الكوفة جاءت النسوة يعزينه في أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام، ودخلت عليه أزواج النبي صلى الله عليه وآله، فقالت عائشة: يا أبا محمد ما مثل فقد جدك إلا يوم فقد أبوك، فقال لها الحسن: نسيت نبشك في بيتك ليلا بغير قبس بحديدة، حتى ضربت الحديدة كفك فصارت جرحا إلى الآن فأخرجت جردا أخضر فيه ما جمعته من خيانة حتى أخذت منه أربعين دينارا عددا لا تعلمين لها وزنا ففرقتيها في مبغضي علي صلوات الله عليه من تيم وعدي، وقد تشفيت بقتله، فقالت: قد كان ذلك

When he (Hasan) came from al-Kufa (to Madina) people came to express their condolence due to (death) of commander of faithful. Wives of  prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) also visited him. Aisha said: “O Abu Muhammad! No one like your grandfather till this day, (except) only your father”. And al-Hasan said to her: “You forgot iron which injured your hand, and sign of it still on your hand? In the dark of the night you dig in the house with that iron. And you dig up the green saddle-bag, IN IT WHAT YOU HAVE GATHERED BY INFIDELITY, and you took from it 40 dinars, while you didn’t know amount, and you give away them to the haters of Ali (salawatullah alaihi) from the tribes of Adi and Tamim. And you calm down only by his murder”. Aisha said: “That happen”.

p 86 in printed version, and here online

And here scan from Biharul Anwar of Majlisi with the same text:

Give a question to yourselves! What kind of treachery or infidelity can bring the money to the woman?

Bee = Imam

Allah Taala said in the Quranil Kareem
(016.068) And thy Lord taught the Bee to build its cells in hills, on trees, and in (men’s) habitations

Shia narrated that masoom imam said: “That was revealed about us. We are bee, our shias are hills, and the trees are our women from believers. And imams are bees and Ali is our master”.

Source: Rajab al Borsi in “500 ayah nazalat fi ameral momeneen” with reference to tafseer al Mizan, tafseer al-Qummi.