Ayatollah Shubbar on people who opposes shias

In his book “Sharhul Ziyaratul Jamiyah” p 150, known and respected shia scholar said:

Shubbar 10

[ وقد دلت أخبار كثيرة على كفر المخالفين يحتاج جمعها إلى كتاب مفرد]


And a lot of narrations shows to disbelief of opposition (1), (so much narrations) that there is a need in gathering them all in independent book.

1) Mean those who opposes truth in shia understanding.

Shia report: All sunnis are disbelievers

Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi in his “Biharul Anwar” (38/14) narrated:

وروى عن عطية قال: سئل جابر بن عبد الله عن علي قال: ذاك خير البشر ولا يشك فيه إلا منافق. وعن عطاء عن عائشة حيث سئلت عن علي (عليه السلام) فقالت: علي خير البشر لا يشك فيه إلا كافر


And it was narrated from Atiyah, that he asked from Jabir ibn Abdullah about Ali, and he said: He is best of creation, and no one except hypocrite would be in doubt regarding that.

And from Ata from Aisha, when she was asked about Ali, she said: Ali is the best of creation, no one except disbeliever would be in doubt about that.

عن ابن عمر قال: قال: رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله): من فضل أحدا من أصحابي على علي فقد كفر


From ibn Umar, messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) said: Who ever would put anyone from my companions in the matters of superiority upon Ali, would disbelief.

Shia Muzaffar makes takfir to Ahlesunnah

Book: Akaidul Imamiyah

Author: Muhammad Rza Muzaffar

Page 22 he said:

vision does not perceive him, yet he perceives everything. anyone who likens him to his creatures, for example one who supposes that allah has a face, hands and eyes, or says that he comes down to the lowest heaven, or that he will appear to the people of paradise like a moon, and so forth, he is as one who does not believe in Allah

Page 23, he said:

similarly, one who believes that he will be seen by his creatures on the day of judgement is an unbeliever. even though he does not liken Allah to anyone in appearance.


Muslims do believe that Allah Taala would be seen by his creaturely in paradise, and that He would be seen without a problem, like we can see the Moon, and they do believe that He descends to the lowest heaven.

This shia shaykh made clear takfir to people which do hold such beliefs!

Mazandarani, at-Toose, Ibn Idris – takfir upon non shias

al-Bahrani in his book “al-Hadaiq an-Nadira” (5/176):


Said shaykh (at-Toose) in at-Tahzib: ….meaning in it that opponent to people of truth is kaafir, and it is necessary that his ruling would be ruling of kaafir, except the one who would leave (this group) by proof.

and said ibn Idris in “as-Sarair”: …… an opponent of people of truth is kaafir without contradiction between us.

Muhammad Salin al-Mazandarani in “Sharhul Usool al-Kafi”: And who would deny it – he means wilayah – he is kaafir, because he denied greatest thing what prophet bring, and base from bases.

Here you can see 3 known shia shaykh making clear cut takfir of each and everyone who is in opposition to them. Sunni, Zaydi – Soofe, Salafi. That doesn’t matter for them.

Indeed fitna of khawarij took its root from rafd.

And you can see in the words of Mazandarani. That greatest thing that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) brought for them is not tawhid BUT WILAYAH!