An unsheathed sword – Shaikh Ehsan Elahi Zaheer [+PDF]

An unsheathed sword of Allah against the pagan Rafidah – Allaamah Ehsan Elahi Zaheer…and what shall let you know who Ehsan Elahi Zaheer was? Shaikh Othman Al-Khamees Hafithahullah, perhaps todays Rafidah exterminator number one once declared how much a he benefited from Sheikh Ehsan. He was also highly praised by the Ulama Al-Rabbaniyoon of our era. During Allaamah Zaheers final year of study at Medina Allaamah Bin Baz Allah yarhamahu asked him to deliver lectures, a very rare opportunity amongst attending students. During this time his book ‘al-Qadiyaniyyah’ was also to be printed in Madina. Ehsan Elahi however wanted to include on the book ‘Graduate of Madina University’ but at that time he had not actually graduated. He went to see Shaikh bin Baaz who was at that time the chancellor of Madina University, Shaikh bin Baaz…

…agreed and granted him permission to do so.Ehsan Elahi then asked the Shaikh ‘What if I fail my degree?’ to which Shaikh bin Baaz replied, ‘I will close the University.’

among his teachers (of Sheikh Ehsan) were:

Imam Abdul Azeez Bin Baaz

Imam Al-Muhaddith al-Allaamah Naasir-ud-Deen al-Albaanee

Shaykh Muhammad Ameen Shanqeetee

Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad

Shaikh Ehsan was from the people of Hadith (Ahl Al-Hadith) in Pakistan, a staunch exposer of all sorts of superstition cults, be it the Qadiyanis, the dancing, lunatic Sufis or the climax of deviance, the Rafidah the so called “followers” (in fact claimants & true enemies) of Ahl Al-Bayt {RA}. His refutations of the Rafidah creed were strong and academical enough (backed by Quran, Sunnah, Shia narrations and common sense) to be put on the death list by the Rafidah themselve. During the Rafidite Safavid pagan Revolution in Iran it was the devil Khomeini who couldn’t bear Allamah Zaheers refutation let alone refute or debate him, thus this led to a number of death threats against him by various extremists, including an assassination attempt when he was visiting the United States and a Fatwa put out for Zaheer’s death by the aforementioned devil Khomeini. These death threats were finally carried out on March 23, 1987. While giving a speech on the biography of Muhammad peace be upon him, a bomb which had been planted on the stage exploded eventually killing Zaheer along with 18 attendees; 114 were seriously injured.

(Note: his biggest enemys and haters were the Rafidah so it is no secret in Pakistan that the Rafidah assassinated him, for they could not bare the collapse of their batil (false) cult and the voice of a zealous, Sunnah scholar who knows their cult better than they themselve). He was martyred on 30 March 1987 after spending 22 hours in a Riyadh hospital. It is reported how he always asked Allah to be martyred in the land of Muhammad peace be upon him, even though the Rafidah tried to murder him in Pakistan (he was mutilated by the bomb) he eventually died in a hospital in the land of Tawheed, Saudi Arabia and Shaikh Bin Baaz, whilst crying, led his funeral prayer in Riyadh. It was considered one of the most historical funerals ever prayed in Riyadh that included countless scholars.

May Allah have mercy upon his soul.

His books: The Shaikh wrote plenty of books in refutation of the Sufis, Qadiyanis and Rafidah twelver cult, among them: ash- Shee’ah Was-Sunnah, ash-Shee’ah Wa-Ahlul-Bayt, ash-Shee’ah Wal-Qur’aan, which has over 12,000 narrations of the Shia, ash-Shee’ah wat-Tashee’ah, Baynash-Shee’ah Wa Ahlus-Sunnah, and many more, most haven’t been translated yet, Inshaallah the Ummah will take >>THIS task soon. <<< His books are the best to the extent that Khomeini send one of his men to the Sheikh to tell him to destroy his books against the shia, thats how dangerious his books were, what aided the Shaikh also to probe the delusions and secrets of the misguided sects like the Rafidah (today a mainly Persian sect) was his knowledge of the Persian and Urdu languages as he said himself. (he mastered Arabic, Persian and English)

check out this masterpiece, and academical proof of the pagan roots of Rafidah Shi’ism [ENGLISH PDF]:

click on the book cover to start download      

A must-read biography – click HERE

(highly recommended to read! Wallahi every sincere heart will shake and every sincere eye will burst in tears whilst reading and after reading his biography telling about his heroism and how he lost 1/3 of his body for the sake of Allah!)

more translation of his works:

collection of translated Shaikh Ehsan works

Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab and The Ahl al-Hadeeth

Ahmad Reza Khan The Barelwi Taught Shia Beliefs & Made Du’aa To Ali

For those of you who understand Urdu I would highly recommend you to listen to the Sheikh’s lectures, Rahimahullah. He was a very very powerful speaker subhanAllah. You can check out 121 of his lectures as well as lectures from many other Ahlul-Hadith scholars from the sub-continent: 7&min=0&orderby=titleA&show=30

There are two lectures of his specific to the Shi’a, “Hazrat Hussain Ka Qaatil Kaun” and Waqiyaa-e-Karbalaa” which are excellent.

Abu Al-Mothanna

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  1. People of Hadith, is like people of the Sunnah, people of Islam, it stands for those who reject Madhhab fanatism and adhere to the Salafi Manhaj. It is anything but a sect, it is pure Islam.

  2. Allama Ahsan Elahi Zaheer Shaheed rahmat ulla aly was a great author speaker and scholour,He was the sword of islam,,and Allah gives him great power, Gog Bless him

  3. This so called sheikh has probably realised his dream. Being next to his master muawaiya in the next life. Wherever God has destined them.

      • Ameer Muawaiya (RA) was a great Suhabi, Ketib-e-Vehe, and a great soldier of Islam. How you are commenting about Suhaba-e-Rasool (PBUH) in such a bad way, you have forgotten you will have to face Allah in the day of Judgement and have to answer?

        Please be careful and say seek pardon from Allah.

  4. May his get superior place in jannah with the sahaba r.a whom he defended throughout his life ………..aameen

  5. If ALLAH is RAAZI [pleased] with AMEER MUAWIYA, then why don’t he pleased with YEZID? Then why don’t we call YEZID [ra] ? No doubt MUAWIYA was a sahabi,a tyrant ruler and a ambtious father.But he was not great.He even forced many sahaba to bayyath in the name of YEZID.And the utmost sin he has done was revolting against the rightious KHALIFA ALI .The second sin was declaring himself as khalifa ,a great insurgency[FITNA] ACCORDING TO QURAN.For this crime he was eligible for death penalty according to SHARIYA.

  6. Nowhere ALLAH OR RASOOLALLAH[saws] declared that they RAAZI or PLEASED with every SAHABI. There were SAALHEEN and MUNAAFIQEEN in SAHABA. So we cannot promote any MUNAFIQ as MOMIN. The PARAMETERS are decided by ALLAH AND HIS RASOOL[saws].

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