Ali (ra) didn’t make takfir on ANYONE fighting him!

Yet more evidence that Ali (ra) wasn’t upon the Aqeedah of the extremist Rafidah who excommunicate every single Sahabi who was involved (in a time of Fitnah confusion!) in a battle against this great man, as if Ali if fighting Ali equals fighting god (fabricated narration)! Ali was upon the Sunni creed of forgiving his brothers the Sahabah and expected others to forgive him to and that despite the differences, the Sahaba were brothers upon one faith and creed:

Imran bin Talha came to Ali and was greeted by him. Imran said: You greet me (in this kind manner) after killing my father?

Ali then said: I hope that your father and I are from those that Allah said about them:
And We will root out whatever of rancor is in their breasts– (they shall be) as brethren, on raised couches, face to face. (al-Hijr)

A man from the tribe of Hamdan then said: Allah is more just than to do such a thing!

Ali then screamed, which shook the house: THEN WHO IS THIS (verse) ABOUT IF IT ISN’T ABOUT US?!

Tabaqat Ibn Sa’ad 3/205 (saheeh)

This is the true Ali, the Ali who wished he wasn’t alive during the time of the Fitna of Al-Jamal.

On that day, Ali (ra) said to his son al-Hasan (ra), “I wish I had died twenty years ago.”