Ali (ra) didn’t make takfir on ANYONE fighting him!

Yet more evidence that Ali (ra) wasn’t upon the Aqeedah of the extremist Rafidah who excommunicate every single Sahabi who was involved (in a time of Fitnah confusion!) in a battle against this great man, as if Ali if fighting Ali equals fighting god (fabricated narration)! Ali was upon the Sunni creed of forgiving his brothers the Sahabah and expected others to forgive him to and that despite the differences, the Sahaba were brothers upon one faith and creed:

Imran bin Talha came to Ali and was greeted by him. Imran said: You greet me (in this kind manner) after killing my father?

Ali then said: I hope that your father and I are from those that Allah said about them:
And We will root out whatever of rancor is in their breasts– (they shall be) as brethren, on raised couches, face to face. (al-Hijr)

A man from the tribe of Hamdan then said: Allah is more just than to do such a thing!

Ali then screamed, which shook the house: THEN WHO IS THIS (verse) ABOUT IF IT ISN’T ABOUT US?!

Tabaqat Ibn Sa’ad 3/205 (saheeh)

This is the true Ali, the Ali who wished he wasn’t alive during the time of the Fitna of Al-Jamal.

On that day, Ali (ra) said to his son al-Hasan (ra), “I wish I had died twenty years ago.”

Perverted fiqh of fasting

as Salam Alaykum.

Present for all shias, especially considering that Ramadan is almost here.

Book: “at-Tanqih al-Mabani al-Urwa – Kitab as-Sawm”. Cover HERE; text HERE.

Link to the book:

Author: Mirza al-Jawad at-Tabrizi.

This scholar said:

Malasah 11: If man made intercourse with hermaphrodite from the front (vagina), his and her fast is not broken. Same ruling if hermaphrodite made an intercourse with female, even from rear, but if man sodomized hermaphrodite from rear, their both fast been interrupted. If man entered to hermaphrodite, and hermaphrodite (at the same time) entered to female, fast of hermaphrodite only been broken. If two hermaphrodites sodomized each other, their fast is not broken.




Agreed opinion of takfir of sunnis

Book: “at-Takfir fi dawa al-fiqh al-Shii” (p 54)

Author: Shaykh Muhammad Ridha al-Ansari al-Qummi.

In chapter two – Ahl as-Sunnah, this shia scholar said:

Cover page HERE. Text HERE.

Words of Imami scholars in fiqh agreed upon takfir of opponents, and for your saying of scholars of past and later time

After this, shaykh quoted such scholars like:

  1. Shaykh Mufid.
  2. Shaykh at-Tusi
  3. Sayyid Murtada
  4. ibn Idris al-Hilli.
  5. Allamah al-Hilli.
  6. Shahid ath-Thani.
  7. Mawla Abu Salih al-Mazandarani.


Ibn Shahrashub and Surah al Wilayah

In the book “al-Mualam al-Ulamah” of ibn Shahrashub (p 257 on the right of the scan) written: (799) Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Shahrashub author of this book, he wrote: 1905 – Kitab Manaqib al Abi Talib. 1906 – alMathalib an-Nawasib”.

In the book of Muhammad Hasan l-Ishtiyani “Bahrul Fawaid fi Sharh al-Faraid” (1/475 on the left side of the scan) written: “Yes, from shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Shahrashub al-Mazandarani in his known book “al-Mathalib”: They dropped from Quran complete surah al-Wilayah

Ayatollah Shubbar on tahrif

Ayatollah Shubbar in his book “Masabih al anwar”2/295 said:

(القرآن الذي أُنزل على النبي (ص) أكثر مما في أيدينا اليوم ، وقد أُسقط منه شيء كثير ، كما دلت الأخبار المتظافرة التي كادت أن تكون متواترة ، وقد أوضحنا ذلك في كتابنا : منية المحصلين في حقيقة طريقة المجتهدين)


“Quran which is was revealed on messenger (sallalahu alayhi wa sallam) was bigger than the one which is on our hands today. Lots of things been dropped from it, like it was proved by concerted reports that almost reaches level of mutawatir. We made this clear in our book “Munyatul Muhsilin fi Haqiqat Tariqat al-Mujtahidin”.