Khomeini too says Prophets do NOT leave inheritance … [FADAK]

Unfortunately Shias (including their scholars) are often so blinded in their hatred towards the Sahaba that they forget their own books and verdicts. Take for instance Abu Bakr dispute with Fatimah (رضوان الله عليهما) in regards to the former Jewish land of Fadak. They do not just accuse Abu Bakr of denying Fatimah’s so called right (let’s say based on a hadith he misunderstood or something), rather they claim that he bluntly fabricated a narration. This is pure Shia bias and shows how deep their grudge is for this great man. You will often hear Shias saying:

I believe that she got angry because Abu Bakr usurped her right and concocted a hadith about the Prophets not leaving inheritance …

Now here is the bloody truth:

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Imam Zaynalabidin on Fadak

Bismillah. Salam alaikum.

Imam Beyhaki narrated in his book al-Itiqad (p 497), with chain of upright narrators, that Imam of Ahlalbayt, Ali ibn Hussayn said: As for me, if I will be on the place of Abu Bakr, I will rule as he did in the issue of Fadak.

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Did the events of Karbala actually take place, and if so why do we not mention this event and the massacre in our Khutbas?

A Sunni who is influenced by what the Raafidis say and is confused about what is true and correct
Did the events of Karbala actually take place, and if so why do we not mention this event and the massacre of the Prophets grandson and his children in our Khutbas? Also did the Prophet not mention in a Hadith that there will be 12 successors after me? has there not been over 12 caliphs? I have been reading about Shia Islam and a lot of the facts they believe in are mentioned in our books, like the dispute between Abu Baker and Fatima for example (May good be pleased with them). I am very confused and need an answer. I feel it is your duty to answer me with all the facts and truths. I realize that is is a touchy subject but I long for your help. This answer may determine which sect of Islam to follow.

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Fadak Area Between Abu Bakr and Fatimah

by Muhammad Al-Khider

FADAK is a hamlet in Hijaz that used to be inhabited by a group of Jews. After Rasulullah (may Peace Be Upon Him) had accomplished the conquest of Khaybar, Allah cast fear into the hearts of those Jews.They therefore conclude a treaty with Rasulullah (may Peace Be Upon Him) in terms of which Fadak was ceded to him. Thus, not having been conquered by force of arms, it became the personal property of Rasulullah (may Peace Be Upon Him).

The difference between the Khalifah Abu Bakr and Sayyidah Fatimah was an acceptable difference in which either side had an opinion founded on proof. However, sensitivity towards the person of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr has led some people to view the issue out of its proper perspective, with the result that an anthill was transformed into a mountain.

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The ignorance of Al-Mufid and Muhaqiq about their own books! (FADAK related)


Salam Alaikum.

I’d like to share with small observation from the book of one of the top shia shaykhs known as Mufid. In his book “Risala hawla hadith Nahnu Muasharul Anbiya la Nuwarith” (page 4), thk: Malik al-Mahmudi, al-Mufid said: Continue reading

Inheritance in the Qur’an (Fadak related)

By brother Farid:

Bismillah alrahman alraheem,

The follow is some material from a very useful book called Difa’an ‘an Al-Aal wal As’haab (p. 260). It goes without saying that this was originally in Arabic, but it was so useful to me, that I could not help but translate some of the content. I will be skipping some parts due to the length, so those that know Arabic should return to the original. Continue reading