Shias says: Umar was born from adultery!


There is no end in hate of majoos towards companions of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam). Rafidah –  this offspring of Jews chose the way of their forefathers.

Shaykh of shias, Allama Hasan ibn Sulayman al-Hilli (may Allah curse him) said in his book “al-Muhtadar” (p 102):

وقد اجمعت الشيعة الامامية على انه ولد زنا

shia ala umar



… and shias agreed upon that he (Umar) was born from adultery.

And in the footnote you can see other maloon, Yusuf al-Bahrani saying in his “al-Hadaiq an-nadera” 23/25: There is no difference of opinions in shari texts or fatwas that he – meaning Umar, was born from adultery.



Want to follow Ali (عليه السلام)? Follow his final verdict and send salam on Omar (صلوات الله عليه)

259894_10151148859173651_875475863_nYes,  a good number of rock-solid Sahih narrations (whom Rafidah in their picking and chosing game will never mention) state so. So next time a Rafidi shows you such and such Hadith (like the Hadith in Bukhari where Omar says Ali called him a liar etc.) that says Ali had an argument with Omar, or Ali called Omar this or that etc. then you know how to respond:

The Sahaba (Ahl Al-Bayt included) were human beings and human beings have arguments, heck, the Qur’an says that TWO BELIEVING groups can be involved in a war and fight with one another, this is because NONE of them (neither the Ahl Al-Bayt nor the Sahaba) were ‘infallibles’, they were not Prophets to be infallible in any shape or form, hence they committed sins, but their good deeds were by far greater than their sins, hence Allah had forgiven them and promised them Jannah, hence Ali Ibn Abi Talib forgave his brothers and had (ultimately) nothing but good to say about his brothers the Sahaba, especially the likes of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

Everyone by now knows that the religion of hatred and cursing (Shiasm) tries its UTMOST to potray the Sahaba and Ahl Al-Bayt as die-hard enemies. They try to use every narration to

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Muhaqiq al-Karki: Takfir of shaykhan Abu Bakr and Umar


Shaykh and alim of shias al-Muhaqiq al-Karki in his book “Nafahatul Hut fi Lan Jibt wal Taghut” (p 115) said:




I say: This beautiful hadeeth is a proof that Abu Bakr and Umar didn’t believe in the prophecy of  Messenger (Muhammad) neither to his Ismah, that he didn’t speak from his own desire, but the revealed revelation.


Ali رضي الله عنه و أرضاه would have whipped the Shias of today

aaaaYes, Ali would have given them a whipping that would make Rafidhi-Carneval aka Ashoora look like a child’s game:

Hafidh ibn Hajr  quotes Ali  :

ولا يبلغني عن أحد يفضلني عليهما إلا جلدته حد المفتري

“I will lash anyone who prefers me over Abu Bakr and Omar, the lashing of a slanderer.”

[Lisan al-Mizan, Vol. III P. 290]

Hafidh ibn Katheer  in “Bidaya wal Nihaya” vol 7, chapter “شيء من فضائل أمير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب” wrote:

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Majlisi says : Those sahaba who followed Abu Bakr (ra) are worse than Kafir

مدحها و فضيلتها كه در آيات و احاديث براى صحابه و مهاجران و انصار وارد شده است براى آنهاست كه از دين به در نرفته‏اند و منافق نبودند و متابعت غير خليفه حق امير المؤمنين (عليه السلام) نكردند، و آنها كه كافر و مرتد شدند و مخالفت امير المؤمنين نمودند و دشمنان او را يارى كردند از همه كفار بدترند

The praise and virtues of Sahaba, Muhajireen and Ansar mentioned in the verses and ahadith are for those only, who didn’t apostate, and didn’t became hypocrites, and didn’t follow any other caliph than Ali (ra). And those (sahaba) who apostated, and opposed Ali (ra) and befriended his opponents, they are worse than the kuffar.

Hayat ul Quloob, Vol. 2, p. 916

War against prophet or war against Ali?

Bismillah, if any sane person would be asked what war was worse, he certainly would answer that war against prophet (salallahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

Below we would like to present shia hadith with SOUND CHAIN, on this. When people disputed near Imam of shias Abu Jafar about this, they differ, some of them said that war against Ali is worse than war against prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), others said that war against prophet was worse. Continue reading