Perverted fiqh of fasting

as Salam Alaykum.

Present for all shias, especially considering that Ramadan is almost here.

Book: “at-Tanqih al-Mabani al-Urwa – Kitab as-Sawm”. Cover HERE; text HERE.

Link to the book:

Author: Mirza al-Jawad at-Tabrizi.

This scholar said:

Malasah 11: If man made intercourse with hermaphrodite from the front (vagina), his and her fast is not broken. Same ruling if hermaphrodite made an intercourse with female, even from rear, but if man sodomized hermaphrodite from rear, their both fast been interrupted. If man entered to hermaphrodite, and hermaphrodite (at the same time) entered to female, fast of hermaphrodite only been broken. If two hermaphrodites sodomized each other, their fast is not broken.




Qiyas in the view of shias

Bismillah wa salatu wa salamu ala rasullah.

Shaykh and allama of shias – al-Hilli in his book “Mabadil al Wusul” (p 214) wrote about Qiyas:

mabadi wusul_qiyas leysa bi hujjah


اختلف الناس في ذلك، والذي نذهب اليه: انه ليس بحجة


People differ in regards to it, and opinion that we hold on, it is not a proof.

Let me know explain what is qiyas.

Qiyas –  mean to establish a rule concerning a new matter by comparing it to a similar matter that has a rule in religion . Imam Ash-Shafi’i said in his book Ar-Risalah: “Qiyas is not permitted when a Khabar (Hadith) exists.” Similar to this saying is what some scholars say: “If Athar (Hadith) exists, Qiyas is abandoned,” and, “There is no Ijtihad where the Nass (text of the Quran or Hadith) exists.”




Chose your father by casting lot.

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‘Praying is better than sleep’ (al-salaatu khayrun min al-nawm) – in Shia books

Here are some narrations from Shia books, that would be authenticated according to the standards of most Shia scholars, nevertheless be assured that the Rafidah will reject them. It’s stil a good blow to them (also check the links on the bottom of the post).

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Third testimony of the Shia Athaan is an accursed Bid’ah according to classical Shia scholars

The following article has been published by Nader Zaveri (Shiite who opposes some Shia heresies and innovations). We repost it here  with no alterations and editions whatsoever. After having read the article below you’ll probably be very shocked and angry at those heretic ‘Ayatollahs’ who are hiding the truth from their gullible followers i.e. the bitter truth that the third testimony in the Athaan is an accursed Bid’ah no matter if you believe it is not ‘part of the Athaan’ as some apologetic Shias say. But don’t expect much from these heretics for they(Shia scholars who just care about innovating more and more) have brought their OWN Bid’ah to a next level by having added a fourth and fifth etc. testimony to the Athaan, see HERE>>>).

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