Prophetic ahadeth in main shia books

Most of us aware that in accordance to shias, each and every hadith from aimma is equal to prophetic ahadeth. Meaning: Imam said = prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

But here question isn’t about that. The one who brought shariah of Islam to this earth, taught it, fought against its enemies – was Muhammad ibn Abdullah (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

In shia world there are 4 main shia books:

1) Kafi of Kulayni.

2) Al Istibsar of Toose.

3) At-Tahzib of Toose.

4) Man la yahduruhul faqih of Saduq.

For example number of traditions in al-Kafi is 15,181; according to another reckoning 15,176.

Can we ask shias to bring us from these mentioned 4 books, 5 ahadeth from each of them. 5 ahadeth which could be traced back directly to prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), 5 ahadeth which would be reported from prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) by someone who seen him, meaning that there wouldn’t be any gap in the chain.
For sure, we are not asking for such ahadeth with weak chains, chains of there ahadeth should contain only narrators which were praised in shia books of rijaal.

I don’t know, how many time this could take. But I do believe that 2 weeks would be fine for research, or for sending emails to marajia, to get an answer from them.


PUBLIC MESSAGE TO ALL SHIA – official message


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رسالة إلى كل علماء الشيعة وطلاب الشيعة

الموقع راية التوحيد مستعدة لتنظيم ودفع، والإعلان والدعاية لمناقشة مباشر
مع أحد علماء من الشيعة والشيخ عبد الرحمن دمشقية الدكتورعلى حسابنا.
ونحن ندعو جميع العلماء الشيعة في المملكة المتحدة مع الشيخ الدكتورعبد الرحمن دمشقية لمناقشةمحترمة.
اتصل بنا. انشر الخبر

09.01.11 – Public Message – For the defence of monothiesm.

Our call for mubahila

Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi Taala wa barakatu.

During the history shias were known as most mendacious group between people who are facing the Kaaba during their prays. They forefathers done their best to spread lies against companions: Nematullah Jazairi accused sayidina Umar ibn al-Khattab in being homosexual, Rajab al-Borsi, Ali al-Qummi and others accused mother of all believers in zinah.

In our days they are doing exactly the same things. By Allah, our intention in writing this sentences are not in the attempt to rehabilitate ourselves. All that we want to see: rafidah cursing themselves by their very own tongue.

There is an rafidi, well known in the English speaking net. He known not due to his knowledge, or piety. He known FOR SPREADING PORN PICS BETWEEN MUSLIMS AT SUNNI FORUM, FOR BEING BANNED SEVERAL TIMES AT KNOWN SHIA CHAT, FOR AWFUL AHLAQ, FOR ACCUSING THE OTHERS, AND ABUSING THE OTHERS. He known under many nicks, they are countless. But his real name is Walid.

So this man said:

A guy known as sheikh Dimashqyyah and this man was sodomized when repeatedly since he was 13 years old by some of his colleagues in Azhar of Lebanon and it’s also known that this man is a nasibi

And he said:

But not just this filthy dimashqyyah but also the well-known nasibi called Efendi who was sodomized so many times when he was younger and this information is from his countrymen and they are not just any people but people with access to sensitive information and i knew them to be truthful and they confirmed this. So again we have an other nasibi who is a homosexual at the same time!!!


We have already posted response of sheikhana Dimashqiyah on this accusation.

And now I, Abdullah ibn Abi Effendi want to say:

This man, Walid a shii accused me that I was sodomized. I say that’s pure lie. And Allah You are my witness!

Ya Allah! Ya Rabil Alamin! Ya Malik! Ya Rahman! Ya Rahim! Let your curse, curse of all angels, and curse of all creation be upon the head of liar between us two, and upon his entire family! AMIN! AMIN! AMIN!

O Allah send your anger upon the head of liar between us two, and upon the heads of all members of his family! AMIN! AMIN! AMIN!

Ya Allah! Ya Rahman! Ya Rahim! Deal with the one who is lying between us two quickly! Or grant him a long life full with disobedience to you, and then take his soul without repentance!

I know that man is regularly reading our site. So he is free to accept our mubahila, or admit that he spread a lie against me.

Another challenge for all shias

Salam alaikum.

We all know how much shias love and honour book “Nahjul balagha”, especially they like to quote khutba, known as Shiqshiqiya.

We’d like to challenge all shias, to present a single authentic SHIA chain for that speech.

The challenged should:

1) Present complete text of khutba from known shia book.

2) Complete chain should be present.

3) We accept on line links, or scan pages.

We are going to give 15 says for laymen, so they could write letters to their marajiah, and present answers of their scholars to us.

—–12/11/2010 ———–

No answer from rafidah! Again.

What was a name of 12-th imam’s mother?

Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

Historians have mentioned the following  names of his mother: Maryam, Susan, Raihana, Narjis, Saqeel, Khamt, Muleyka.

Is it possible for us, to see single authentic shia hadith, where would be clear two points:

1) Who was mother of 12-th imam?

2) What was her name?

I hope that one month would be enough for shias to answer. They can send questions to their marajia, so they would give them correct answers.

2011:03 [Time Expired; Shias failed the challenge]