Best narrator of the Rafidah is an accursed Closet-Christian heretic – ZURARAH

Even the alleged top students of their Imams and narrators were nothing but a bunch of Closet-Zoroastrian and Closet-Christian Zindeeqs (heretics). Take for instance the following Zindeeq named:

Zurārah b. A’yan b. Sunsun al-Shaybānī (a client, Mawla, of the Shaybani tribe, not an actual ‘Arab) al-Kūfī (Arabic: زرارة بن أعین بن سُنسُن الشیباني الکوفي) (b. c 70/690 – d. 150/767)

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Wahabiyah know shia ahadeth better than shia scholars.

Shia preacher shaykh Abdulhalim al-Ghazzi said (starts from 00:33):

“Do you know, that al-Wahabiya posses knowledge of our ahadeth, I swear by Allah, I swear by Allah – I say that. More than our scholars…. Go to wahabi sites, and you will find in their sites, for example I ask you to check site of Faysal Noor ( Enter that site, you will find reports extracted from our books. By Allah if you will take them to the scholars of shia, they will say: We don’t have such (reports in our books). But they (indeed) present in our books. (They say such reports doesn’t exist) because there is no knowledge of ahadeth with them”.

Nasibi shaykh of Saduq

We have already posted testimony of al-Khui, that amongst of teachers of as-Saduq were nawaseeb.

Here I am going to one example from such shuyukh of as-Saduq.

Ibn Babaweyh, as-Saduq in his “Uyun akhbarul Rida” (2/312) said:


حدثنا أبو نصر أحمد بن الحسين الضبي وما لقيت انصب منه وبلغ من منصبه أنه كان يقول: اللهم صل على محمد فردا ويمتنع من الصلاة على آله


Narrated to us Abu Nasr Ahmad ibn Al-Hussein al-Dhabbi, and I didn’t meet more nasibi than him, and from his nasibizm was narrated that he use to say: “O God! Blessings be upon Muhammad (s) alone.” He refused to send blessings upon the Members of the Prophet’s Holy Household.

Ibn Babaweyh narrated from this nawasib in this book, and also in Ilal ash-Sharae, and Maanil Akbar.

Now, we would leave stupid shias with their favourite question: HOW DARE YOU NARRATE FROM NAWASEEB?!!

‘Praying is better than sleep’ (al-salaatu khayrun min al-nawm) – in Shia books

Here are some narrations from Shia books, that would be authenticated according to the standards of most Shia scholars, nevertheless be assured that the Rafidah will reject them. It’s stil a good blow to them (also check the links on the bottom of the post).

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Third testimony of the Shia Athaan is an accursed Bid’ah according to classical Shia scholars

The following article has been published by Nader Zaveri (Shiite who opposes some Shia heresies and innovations). We repost it here  with no alterations and editions whatsoever. After having read the article below you’ll probably be very shocked and angry at those heretic ‘Ayatollahs’ who are hiding the truth from their gullible followers i.e. the bitter truth that the third testimony in the Athaan is an accursed Bid’ah no matter if you believe it is not ‘part of the Athaan’ as some apologetic Shias say. But don’t expect much from these heretics for they(Shia scholars who just care about innovating more and more) have brought their OWN Bid’ah to a next level by having added a fourth and fifth etc. testimony to the Athaan, see HERE>>>).

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The boss of the Shia sect (Al-Toosi): Many people left our sect due to all the contradicting Hadiths

The biggest Shia scholar of the Shia sect “Shaykh Al-Taefa” Al-Tusi says:


ويقول شيخ الطائفة الطوسي في تهذيبه: إن أحاديث أصحابنا فيها من الاختلاف والتباين والمنافاة والتضاد حتى لا يكاد يتفق خبر إلا وبإزائه ما يضاده، ولا يسلم حديث إلا وفي مقابلته ما ينافيه حتي جعل مخالفونا ذلك من أعظم الطعون على مذهبنا وتطرقوا بذلك إلى إبطال معتقدنا، إلى أن قال: أنه بسبب ذلك رجع جماعة عن اعتقاد الحق ومنهم أبوالحسين الهاروني العلوي حيث كان يعتقد الحق ويدين بالإمامة فرجع عنها لما إلتبس عليه الأمر في اختلاف الأحاديث وترك المذهب ودان بغيره لما لم يتبين له وجوه المعاني فيها، وهذا يدل على أنه دخل فيه على غير بصيرة واعتقد المذهب من جهة التقليد

تهديب الأحكام،1/2


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A serious confession from a Shia scholar – Shiism is heresy infested

Grand Shia scholar al-Hajj Mirza Musa al-Ihqaqi in his book “Ihqaq al-Haqq” on the part of al-Mi’iraj page 167 says:


Should you observe the words of our respected companions and the greatest scholars of the clear religion, you will find that many of their words conflict with the necessities and Madhab, and oppose the narrations that came from the pure Imams, and what the pious scholars had stated.”

Then al-Ihqaqi lists a few examples such as:

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Shī`ī Scholars and the Authenticity of their Texts

Published by SunniDefense © on July 29th, 2009 in Blatant Lies
Answering-Ansar Article:
Who believes the Quran has been a victim of Tahreef? (Revision: 1.0.0)

Whenever someone raises a question about a narration promoting the belief in distortion of the Holy Qur’ān found in major Shī`ī Ithnā’ `Asharī texts, their apologists immediately embrace deceptive methods to free themselves from all burden. One of these methods is to say that neither did any of their scholars ever compile a work of narrations that he himself considered entirely authentic nor did any of them ever claim such a thing about any of the texts.

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Tahrir at-Tawusi – corrupted and changed version


There is a famous shia narrator Hisham ibn al-Hakam, and he was known mujasima (anthropomorphist). This fact well accepted by Islamic scholars, and at the same time it was several times testified by shias themselves.  Continue reading

Abu Basir’s testimony against himself and his fellows



Sheikh of shias as-Saduq in his “Maanil Akhbar” (p 165) narrated:

P 165_Abu Baseer testify

١ – أبي – رحمه الله – قال: حدثنا سعد بن عبد الله، عن أحمد بن محمد بن خالد، عن
أبيه، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن منصور بن يونس، عن أبي بصير، عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال:
سمعته يقول: الكذبة تفطر الصائم. قال: فقلت له: هلكنا، قال: لا، إنما أعني الكذب
على الله عز وجل وعلى رسوله صلى الله عليه وآله وعلى الأئمة عليهم السلام.

(Chain till) Abu Basir which said that he heard Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam) said: “The one who lies broke his fast”. (Abu Basir said) I said to him: “We have perished”. Imam said: “No I mean lie upon Allah AzWajal and upon the prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi) and upon Imams (alaihuma salam).

Chain till Abu Basir:

Father of Saduq – Ali ibn Al-Husayn ibn Babaweyh. Muhadith, faqih and shaykh as he was described by Noore.
Sad ibn Abdullah was shaykh of taifa as he described by Najashi.
Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Khalid was thiqah as said Hilli in “Hulasah”
Muhammad ibn Khalid al-Barqi was disputed. Hilli and Tusi praised him, and Najashi and ibn al-Ghadairi weakened him, as it is in “Hulasa”.
Ibn Abu Umayr from companions of ijma, some shia scholars said that if chain authentic till them, report is upright.
Mansur ibn Yunus – thiqat and waqifi as it is in “Hulasah”

What kind of result do we have from this report? Imam said that lie is breaking the fast. And one of the top shia narrators said after this – WE HAVE PERISHED. Sure he didn’t mean Imam, but he mean himself and his fellows. If this isn’t clear confession in lie, then what is?

Prophet’s (SAWS) narrations in al-Kafi

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

In order to prove that al-Sahih al-Jami` of al-Imam al-Bukhari (rah) is superior to al-Kulayni’s Kafi, I decided to do a research to collect ALL the Prophetic narrations in al-Kafi and the grading of their chains according to al-Majlisi.

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