Shia scholar: Multiple narrations testify about disbelief of sunnis.

as Salam Alaykum.

Book: al-Mahasin an-Nafsaniyah fi Ajwibatal Masail Khorasaniyah.

Author: Shaykh Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Usfur al-Bahrani.

Cover page here and text here.

“and what is clear (apparent) to us from reports that is disbelief of all opponents and their shirk. And that they are worse than Jews and Christians, and whoever believe that they have portion in Islam is disbeliever (himself)”

Yasir al-Khabith on Hasan Nasralat and ayatollat Bahjat

Salam alaikum,

Just example of so called shia 12-ers unity.

Al-Khabith said:

However, the fact that Bahjat’s righteousness was under question and some Jurists adjudge Bahjat according to available evidence against his uprightness, that could not mean that the Sheikh would simply sign up or disagree depending on heresy. He decided on Bahjat’s deviation after thorough evaluation and research. Continue reading

The Incident of Al-Ifk, Aisha or Maria? – Rebuttal to Ammar ‘Nakshawani’ (Nakhjavani)

1293827850The Rafidhi vagabond Ammar ‘Nakshawani’ (Nakshavani), is known for his numerous lectures (strictly under Shia and ignorant Sunni audience, never ever has he confronted a known Sunni scholar), where he obviously tries to point with his shabby gentility in the fields of rethoric speech, this is the only way he can somehow hide his blatant ignorance and in many cases blatant lies, against the Ahl Al-Sunnah and the Sahabah of the Messenger of Allah (may the peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). He is known for visiting various institutions, including public universities where he tries hard to somehow save the face of the Rafidhi religion (a really hard task, indeed), by claiming that many things the opponents of Shias accuse them of are false and propaganda, that Shias are not Takfiris, do not do Takfir on the Sahabah, that they only disagree with SOME Sahabah blah, blah, blah. Ironically, no one else but those Rafidha Majoos who are a bit more open in regards to their beliefs have exposed the charlatan Nakhjavani to such a degree, that only a fool would fall for his “brotherhood-Sunni-Shia-unity” crap:

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