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  1. Why don’t you go and ask your Maulana Ishaq sahab , how did he accepted that yes it happened and it is in our books . The Proof it happened is if it was not true, is it also false that lady Ayesha said , it is in saheeh bokhari , that Janab e Saiyyadah (s) was very angry with Abu Bakr and did not talk to him till she lived , she also asked her husband not to inform him about her death and should not allow them to participate in her burial and Namaz . So what else was so serious that she was so angry and stop talking though in relation he was her step Uncle, father of her step mother . As far naming , that is no argument , those were the popular name those days . Of course today no shia, a follower of Ahlebayt e Rasool (s) will ever name his sons, moaviah, Yazeed ,umar, Bakar, Usman etc .
    And do remember, Rasool Allah (s) said ”Fatemah is my piece of flesh,who ever angers her angers me ,and consequently angers Allah . You know where the persons will go who angered Rasool’s daughter.We really fail to understand what kind of love you have with your own Rasool (s) and his Itrat and how you rever such people after you came to know their Character , even the shijra e nasab of one is said to be extremely beyond description . .

    • 1) She could not speak with them due to inheritance question.

      2) Hadith about her anger was said by beloved prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) when Ali angered her by intention to marry to daughter of Abu Jahil.

      3) I am glad that you are admit that shias can’t name their children as their Aimma did. We are real followers of Ahlalbayt, because we see no problems with such names.

      Just curious if naming is not an argument, and no big deal, why you can’t name your children in that way? You contradict to yourself.
      It is an argument and that is why you can’t name children in that way.

  2. The theory made up that Ali and other 12 Imams named their kids Abu Bakr and Umar (& Aisha) is not correct. The closest to the truth is that Imam Hassan had a son called Abdullah Abi Bakr who was butchered with his Uncle Imam Hussein at Karbalaa by the same (type of) people who are now spreading lies and mis-information. The attempt to distort historical facts to suit their desires/creed is not supported with any factual information except their usual false words: “..all exists in the Shia books” with no references given. The fact is that they feel threatened that the facts do not suit their whims and desires/nafs and are thus at loss if they do not defend their beliefs (even if they were wrong). Please refer to Sahih Muslim which states clearly that Ali was very dissapointed and did not give the allegiance to the newly created Caliphate of Abu Bakr. Moreover please refer back to the Prophet (p) who said that AFTER HIM there is 12 Imams/Caliphs/Rulers (ibn Hanbal, Bukhari etc.), instead of trying to defend your god Caliphs. The sunni brothers need to come back to 12 Imams of Ahlul Bayt for Sunnah and resist nafs in following the way of their fathers and forefathers.

    • Ignorance is not something to be proud for.
      -’Aisha bint Musa al Kathim bin Ja’afar al Sadiq (rah):
      She is from the daughters of Imam Musa and this was mentioned by many of the Shia scholars including Sheikh al Mufid in his “al-Irshad” page 303, “‘Umdat al-Talib” by ibn ‘Anbah in the margin of page 266.

      Shia scholar Ni’imatullah al Jazaeri writes in his “al-Anwar al Nu’umaniyyah” 1/380: ” As for his children he has thirty seven sons and one daughter, from his sons are: Ali al-Reda and … and his daughter ‘Aisha”. at-Tustari has mentioned more from his daughters in the book “Tawarikh al-Nabi wal Aal” pages 125,126: ”Fatima al-Kubra, Fatima al-Sughra, Ruqayyah, Ruqayyah al-Sughra, Hakima, Umm Abiha, umm Kulthoum, Umm Salamah, Umm Ja’afar, Lubanah, ‘Aliyyah, Aaminah, Hassanah, burayha, ’Aisha, Zeinab and Khadeeja.”

      -’Aisha bint Ali al-Hadi bin Muhammad al-Jawad (rah):
      In his “Ihqaq al-Haqq” 19/623, at-Tustari wrote: ”He (Ali al-Hadi) had five children: Imam al-Hassan al-’Askari, al-Hussein, Muhammad, Ja’far and ‘Aisha…”

      Sheikh al-’Amili in “A’ayyan al Shia” 2/36:
      “Abu al-Hassan Ali al-Hadi ibn Muhammad al-Jawad… His children: he had the Imam after him Abu Muhammad al-Hassan and al-Hussein and Muhammad who died during the life of his father and Ja’afar who claimed Imamah after his brother’s death and was called the Liar and his Daughter ’Aisha.”

      Sheikh al-Tabari in “Dalael al-Imamah” page 410:
      “Mentioning his children: Abu Muhamad al-Hassan the Imam PBUH, al-Hussein, Ja’afar and from the daughters ’Aisha.”


    • @zain…that is the best you could come up with? seriously? Ali r.a named 2 sons Abu Bakr, 2 sons Umar and one son Uthman, Imam Hassan r.a also gave the names Abu Bakr and Umar to his sons. Imam Jaffar r.a paternal great grandfather was Ali r.a and maternal great grand father was Abu Bakr r.a.
      Either use your logic Allah has provided you or follow the inherited fabrications, u decide for urself. watch the below link:

      By the way Umar r.a did break someone’s rib, that is true, and that person was Yazdergerd, the ruler of Persia and the persian rawafid scholars cunningly put that story on Fatima r.a.

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