The celebration of Omar Al-Farooq’s [RAA] death in London by the Zindeeq “Yasir Al Habib”

We have been informing you just recently about a Zindeeq called Yasir Al Habib (also known as Khaseer Al Khabeeth) ->Mujahidin of the Islamic state of Iraq announced their aim to slaughter Yasir Al Habib

In 2010 he became pretty famous around the (arab) speaking Islamic world for CELEBRATING the death of the wive of the Prophet -peace be upon him- Aaisha – radiyallahu anha-. After some rumour that the Zindeeq died (probably spread by himself and his followers to keep people busy with him and the spotlight on him) in a car accident, he re-appeared (unlike his one-eyed saviour who is hiding in the cave of Jamkaran/Qom i.e. DAJJAAL nor the REAL Muslim Mahdi) just recently and celebreted in a city with a MASSIVE presence of Sunnah Muslims, in London/UK the death of Omar Al-Farooq -radiyallahu anhu- and the victory his Omar’s  murderer, Abu Lo Lo the Persian MAJOOSI.(Zoroastrian!)

Allah knows best how in Londonistan, a Rafidi Zindeeq  dares to celebrate the death of the Mother of the Believers and Khalifa Al-Rashid Omar  without any hesitation. By the way >>>THIS HERE<<< his his Temple (“Husseiniyyah”) where all his Zandaqa takes place (the flyer has been spread by his VERY OWN organisation). BTW they call the day of Omars assassination by a PERSIAN MAJOOSIAN (ZOROASTRIAN) :

“‘ID AL-ZAHRA” (the EID of Zahra), the SECOND ‘ID of Ghadeer Khum”.

Look what lunatics they are. After inventing more than 14 Mawlids (Sufis at least just got ONE), 14 (12 Imams+Prophet & Fatima) 14 death annivesaries, “‘Id Ghadeer” they have beaten themselves and even invented the “‘ID of Zahra”. And then they’ve got the nerves to call the Tarawih of the Sunnah as “Bid’ah” (though it was DONE by the Prophet). If this is not clear-cut Dalaala and Zandaqa, then there is no Dalaala and Zandaqa in this world. Anyways, here are some pictures of the Zanaadiqa, Mushrik, Rawafidh, Persian-worshipping Majoos in London/UK:

Yassir Al Habib and the Rafidah celebrated under the following statement:

الشيخ في الاحتفال البهيج بذكرى هلاك الطاغوت: عمر بن الخطاب في النار وله عذاب شديد كونه مضلُّ هذه الأمة

(The Shaykh (Yasir Al Habib) at the joyful celebration of the perished Taghoot: Omar Ibn Al Khattab is in the hellfire, facing a severe punishment, for having mislead this Ummah.)


In the video you can see them shouting “Omar fin-naar” (Omar is in hell) and cursing the wives and the Sahaba in their prayer:

Majoosi Kids waving with flags where it’s written: “OMAR IS IN HELL” (wal-‘Iyadhubillah)

same here…

The lunatics even have brought baloons for their Majoosi kids, again they have printed on the baloons:“OMAR IS IN HELL” (wal-‘Iyadhubillah)

New pagan innovation: Rafidah-Majoos-Zanadiqa sending their baloons on a flight to get blessings (by cursing Omar radiyallahu anhu on baloons!)

Banner says:“OMAR IS IN HELL” (wal-‘Iyadhubillah)

After inventing a new ‘Id in the Deen of Allah, cursing the wives and friends of the Prophet -peace be upon him- the Rafidah start to “pray”. But to WHOM to they pray? Allah? Right, as the Christians and pagans who ALSO used to pray to Allah BUT (and this was their crime) ASSOCIATED partners to Allah IN WORSHIP (like Du’a etc). >>>THIS is to WHOM they REALLY pray TO<<<

61 thoughts on “The celebration of Omar Al-Farooq’s [RAA] death in London by the Zindeeq “Yasir Al Habib”

  1. Abdullah bin Sabah fin naar
    Kulaini fin naar
    Mula Baqar Majlisi fin naar
    Khumaini fin naar
    khamnai fin nar
    yasin fin naar
    sheerazi fin naar
    and all other haters of Sahaba and Wives of the prophet fin naar

    • My name is Abubaker and my brother is OMER . you are all in the hill in Sha Allah

  2. allah yahdikom antomli fa nar ama 3oma radiya llaho 3anh fi ljanna w antom lan to2doho bikalamikom hada bal to2dona anfossakom

  3. 3omar radiya llaho 3anh antom lato2donaho bi kalamikom hada bal to2dona anfossakom howa fi ljanna w antom in stamarytom 3ala hada lfi3l chani3 sayakono matwakom hatman fi naar w 3omar ahssan minkom w lan tassilo lah


  5. May Allah cure Omar IBn khattab for putting the house of Fatima (a.s , daughter of prophet) and causing her to have a miscarriage. There’s reference from your books saying Omar threatened fatima al zahra. Anyone who makes fatima angry makes the prophet angry and makes Allah unhappy.

    • First of all ya yahil give a single authentic reference from our books for that incident! The greatest thing that you can do it’s to give a disconnected report about treat.
      And ya hajil! Check first when prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam) said those words about Fatima, and then open your eyes.

      • first of all brother/sister in islam salam alaikum. second i hope my comment doesnt get deleted because it is the truth and from the most “authentic” hadeeth book, sahih al bukhari. reported by aisha volume 4 book 53 hadeeth 325. please read this and find out for yourself, if you dare say that its a false hadeeth or some other excuse then you just cant handle the truth. so just read it im not going to say because my comment will just get DELETED. Its all there to read and theres many more hadeeths from the most “authentic hadeeth book” but its just irrelevant to this topic.

        and also about prophet saying that whover angers fatima angers me … read sahih al bukhari vol 5 book 57 hadeeth 61, again im not going to read it … you read it and open your eyes.. if you want to chat about it in more depth email me.. you have my email your the host of the site.


      • Alaikuma Salam.

        What is stated in Bukhari? If you think that you can simply say “it’s in Bukhari” and run away, you are mistaken. What is stated there?
        As for saying of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) regarding Fatima in Bukhari, it was said when Ali angered her by his decision to marry other woman. That’s exactly in the same place in the Bukhari. So if you quote first part, mean you believe in it. So you should believe also in asbab al-wurud of this hadith. If you would reject the reason why these words were said, then you can’t use these words.

      • can you go just read the paragraphh of the hadeeth and let me know what it says i want you to see it for yourself.. it talks about how abu bakr angered fatima a.s. prophet left land as inheritance ot fatima.. the prophet had already given it to fatima during his lifetime, but as soon as the prophet passed away abu bakr took the land of her.. she begged him to give it back but he would refuse! so now what?? from sahih al bukhari it is said fatima was angry with abu bakr and remained angry until she passed away which is 6 months after. thats what the hadeeth says… and about ali a.s tbh sahih al bukhari is not the hadeeth book i follow i just used it for you because its “100% authentic”.. so what it says about ali about marrying other wives and angering fatima is wrong im afraid … for ali to anger fatima its not possible .. the ahlulbay are infalible ( cant make mistakes) ahlulbayt includes prophet muhammed and his family only! there are saHabas who was friends of the prophet but they are not infalibe.. so back to the point for ali it is not possible to make such mistakes he is the imam from god, allah sent him! in the quran it says “inama yuridallahu liyudhhibu anhama rijsa ahlulbayti wa yu tahirahum tathira” allah has cleared ahlulbayt with alll uncleanliness(prophet and his family).. not abu bakr or omar or uthamn. Thats why i disagree with the sahih al bukhari at times .. but for your sake jsut to prove to you i used your book! to show you

      • That’s not a proper way for discussion. To claim something, and then say: check yourself.

        As for her anger.
        This hadith from Bukhari:
        Volume 7, Book 62, Number 157:
        Narrated Al-Miswar bin Makhrama:
        I heard Allah’s Apostle who was on the pulpit, saying, “Banu Hisham bin Al-Mughira have requested me to allow them to marry their daughter to Ali bin Abu Talib, but I don’t give permission, and will not give permission unless ‘Ali bin Abi Talib divorces my daughter in order to marry their daughter, because Fatima is a part of my body, and I hate what she hates to see, and what hurts her, hurts me.”

        This from Muslim:
        Book 031, Number 6001:
        (Imam Zain-ul-‘Abidin) ‘Ali b. Husain reported that when they came to Medina from Yazid b. Mu’awiya after the martyrdom of Husain b. ‘Ali (Allah be pleased with him) Miswar b. Makhramah met him and said to him: Is there any work for me which you ask me to do? I said to him: No. He again said to me: Would you not give me the sword of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) for I fear that the people may snatch it from you? By Allah, if you give that to me, no one would be able to take it away, so long as there is life in me. Verily ‘Ali b. Abi Talib sent a proposal of marriage to the daughter of Abu Jahl in spite of (the fact that his wife) Fatima (had been living in his house). Thereupon I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) say while addressing the people on the pulpit. I was adolescing in those days. He said: Fatima is a part of me and I fear that she may be put to trial in regard to religion. He then made a mention of his son-in law who had been from the tribe of ‘Abd Shams and praised his behaviour as a son-in-law and said: Whatever he said to me he told the truth and whatever he promised he fulfilled it for me. I am not going to declare forbidden what is lawful and make lawful what is forbidden, but, by Allah, the daaghter of Allah’s Messenger and the daughter of the enemy of Allah can never be combined at one place.

        So in our source it’s clear that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) said those words about Fatima, when Ali angered her. So using those words against Abu Bakr is complete hypocrisy! If he angered Fatima and this hadith is applicable for him, in the very beginning this narration should be used against Ali.
        Other note is, I personally don’t care about shia ways of using of our books. But you can’t say to us: Hadith regarding troubling Fatima is against Abu Bakr, and ask us to close our eyes that it first was said when Ali angered her.

        As for your claim that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) gave that land to Fatima during her life. That’s blatant lie! We discussed it here

  6. May allah show them the right path and take the ‘bughz’ out of their hearts. Though it looks like that these people r still in the dark ages.

  7. Subhan’Allah im at a loss of words.
    this is worse than the behavior of the kufr.
    May Allah really guide you

  8. Sallam All,

    May i just say, That i’m a shia and i think everything that i have seen here is a disgrace and i disassociate myself from people like this. Please don’t misunderstand the Shia sect by uneducated people like this,

  9. what is going on here? we must speak forth intellectually on matters. What we find is, shias will not take what is in sunni books, but will only quote them to show proof that their aqeedah also exists in these books, sunnis will not take what is in shia books, but also use the same, to also do the same, and both sects also use th books to ridicule one another. This is not intellectual and is damaging us all and aiding the enememy on the outside, who are loving it. We have to study both sides and then take the best word. I love that vid of Sheikh Uthman al Khamees on sending blessings on the Prophet and His family.

    If only I could see what is mentioned in the shia sources also in regards to this topic,it would be good.

  10. Shia are not real muslim they are criminals and kill innocent people and destroy Iran and Hezbollah support that criminals

  11. haha Im glad it pissed off u bastards I was there and had much fun btw sending the baloons for blessings? what kind of made up bullshit is that we sent them in the sky to piss u off extra

    Fuck umar ibn khanzir and aisha the bitch

    • May Allah Taala curse you ugly infidel!
      If you are so brave, why are you so afraid that have to comment as anonymous?
      I am not going to edit this filthy comment, so people could see the real face of shias.

    • This is the daughter of the prophet peace be upon him you are cursing! May Allah destroy you and give you the deepest pitch of Hell- La3natullahi 3alek we 3ala el Majoos ashkalak!!

      We defeated the Majoos! They don’t like it, so they become Shia! To curse all that is holy in Islam! Wallahi you will see in the future as soon as we get the Islamic state your majoos rat hole called Iran will be burnt up and removed- returning it back to Islam!

      Go hit your son with a chain and make him bleed ya 7aywan ebn el 7aywan.

  12. I dont need to say who I am, but if any dirty bakri comes up to me i will tell him straight up

    Omar ibn khattab is an apostate kafir

    Alhadula I apostaed from ur bakri aisha worshiping cult

    • Do not curse your superiors. anon majoosi…

      May Allah accept from me this dua ameeen:

      Oh Allah give this person ‘anon’ painful torture and eternal hell-fire! Ameen

      Oh Allah this person is slandering the daughter of the prophet and the companion of the prophet- the last prophet – Your beloved Muhammad peace be upon him- so accept this wish from me- to give this anon person a miserable life on this earth and the next, and grant us the unity and the return of the Khilafah state, so that we can cleanse the Muslim lands from the Majoos and Mushrikeen- the likes of this person named ‘anon’- Ameen!

  13. These are persian fireworshippers in the dress of Islam. Yasir al Habib is from Behbub Iran (he just grew up in Kuweit), so are 99% of Rafida scholars and those who attended the celebration. They cover their persian-pre-islamic-zoroastrian-grudge under the pretext of “loving AhlulBait”, yet it has nothing to do with Islam and Ahlulbeit, it is just a way to let out their grudge against the Muslims who destroyed their fireworshipping persian empire.
    (that is why you can see them praising persians like abu lulu and hating 99% of the Sahaba, due to them being arab!)

    In arabic we say: ولن يضر السحاب نبح الكلاب (it does not harm the clouds, when the dogs bark at him).

    So let the Majoosi dogs bark, Omar was the companion of the Prophet (saws) during his life AND after his life (in dunya he lies next to his grave and in akhira he will meet him in Jannah).

    Radiyallahu 3an 3Omar Al Farooq

  14. Salam Brothers & Sisters,

    I fail to understand why the Muslims have, practically, allowd themselves to be their own worst enemy. This foolish video is a living testament to this ugly reality. Sadly, indeed tragically, the hateful attack against the Muslim people of Iran, and for that matter against any Muslim people (be they of Arab,Turkish, Kurdish, Malay, Albanian, and what have you), just because they happen to be of a different ethnic/cultural background and/or adhere to a different school of thought can only serve the enemies of Islam and perpetuate the division of the Muslim Ummah. The Arabs (and Muslims) lost Palestine when the foolish Arabs allied themselves with the British and French colonial powers against the Muslims of Turkey during the First World War. By the same token, the current sad state of Iraq is the direct result of the criminal war that waged by Saddam Hussein against the neighbouring Muslim people of Iran who contribited to the enrishment and vitality of Islamic civilization more than any other people (just remember the famous names of Ibn Sina, Razi, Al-Khawarizmi,Al-Ghazali, Al-Tusi, Omar Khayyam, to realize the enormity of the contributions of the Persians to Islamic civilization). The foolish person(s) who led the equally foolish hateful orgy against Khlifa Omar, is just that, FOOLISH. He, and his followers should be ignored completely because they are making fools of themselves. Self-respecting Muslims should never allow themselves to stoop to such a low level.

    Instead of wasting time and energy fighting each other, Muslims should concentrate on, and strengthen, the many factors that unify them rather than engage in these futile and divisive activities that serve no one except the enemies of Islam.

    I strongly urge my fellow Muslims (be they Sunni, Shia, Ismailis, or what have you)to read the following tow splendid books by the Iranian-born professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr, currently professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University in Washington, order to re-discover the richness and vibrancy of Islamic civilization and the enduring contributions made by the various Muslims, especially the Muslim people of Iran, to this living civilization:

    1) Science and Civilization in Islam (Harvard University Press, 1968); and

    2)The Heart Of Islam: Enduring Vakues for Humanity (HarperSanFrancisco: 2004).

    Islam and Muslims are too great to allow themselves to be diminished by fanatical idiots who have the audacity to declare that Khalifa Omar should go to hell. God has not appointed such fools to be the judges who decide the final abode of fellow Muslims, or for that matter, fellow human beings.

    Ibrahim Hayani
    Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

  15. ^ to the Rafidi above

    1. The biggest enemies of Muslims are those who are COVERED under the cloak of Islam, i.e. you the Rafidah Mushriks. For the Zionist or what not are open enemies, even the biggest fool amongst the Ummah will recognize the Zionist as an enemy, yet the Rafidah appear as “followers of Ahl Al-Bayt” whereas in fact they are enemies to Islam, Ahl Al-Bayt, Sahaba and anything that is true Islam, therefore they are worse than Jews and Christian crusaders. (Look what you filthy Rafidah have done to the Sunnah in Iran and Iraq).

    2. Your Hosseini Nasr, the Iranian agent and representative of “wilayah al QABEEH” (faqeeh) in Canada is nothing but a stooge and polytheist Rafidi priest, besides, what about mentioning that all the contributions by Iranians to Islam were in fact by Iranian SUNNIS!

    Ibn Sina = Sunni
    Razi = Sunni
    Al-Khawarizmi = Sunni
    Al-Ghazali = Sunni
    Omar Khayyam = Sunni
    ibn maja = sunni
    tabari = sunni

    and and and. Ask your Hosseini Nasr (Iblisi nasr in fact) why are most of those great Iranian personalities sunni? simply because Iran is shiite for only 500y! And all Shia Iran came up with are big time heretic kafirs like your baqarah majlisi (yeah baqarah suits more than baqir!) who OPENLY believed in the corruption of the book of Allah! Or the likes of the shirazi mushriks or the zindeeq khomeini!

  16. Im astonished. How can u let this pig yaser al hapeep to breath in your country?

  17. shia are cursed people on earth..they are the sons of ibn saba a yahoodi dare you speak against Umar(R.A)..My eyes are full of tears Umar(R.A) as these people are hurting were one of the closest companion of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)..May Allah curse those who are insulting companions of Muhammad(PBUH)..these people are just making their way to Hell.

  18. ohooo YA ALLAH what have i seen here…. shia’s are the worst thing that has happened to this world…. they curse the best of men.. COME ON wake up shia

  19. The rafedah are the donkey’s of the jews by ALLAH they are the worst enemy of Islam we need to fight them before any one else…

  20. Shia say they love family of prophet(PBUH) while they themselves killed Hussain(R.A) is the proof from their own book…
    Al Sayid Mohsin Al-tamim says “Twenty thousand people of iraq gave their allegience to Al-Hussain(r.a), but they betrayed him and rebelled against him when that allegience was still binding upon them, and they killed him.”
    (Ayaan al’shia, Part 1 ,34)

  21. Only the ways is to cut Khasir Al Khabees Head and whoever insulting Mother of Belivers and Companions.
    As Prophet Mohammad PBUH ordered to his companion for “Ka’ab bin Ashar”

    Didn’t you jerks know that he had only one eye????
    So dudes,you have got another celebration pending…..


  24. Thank you for giving me a clearer picture of Omar.
    So apart from all else that he is,he also happens to be a child molester!!

    And hey,you could have gotten an even clearer picture if you had peeped into your own sources too.Fortunately for you,Answering Ansar have taken that peep on your behalf.

  25. Your entire cult is such a waste of brain cells that I am drooling over with pity for you retards.

    And at least use the proper pronoun for me.I am not surprised that a cretin like you cant even tell someone’s gender by their name.

  26. Whew!!!You were quick to wipe that off!!!!
    More convinced than ever what big retards your cult is.
    Instead of coming up with counter-arguments,they edit,edit and delete,delete,delete!!

    • You think I am obliged to post all shia garbage from the net and answer to it? Why? To satisfy shias? I don’t need that. Material at this blog dedicated to Muslims and Shias which have some brain. Obviously you don’t have such.
      As for your AA heroes they were refuted and exposed billion times. Does it help? No you still believe and rely on that bunch of liars. Because when person has no own brains he have to rely on someone.

      • Do I smell guilt twists or what!!!
        My my!!People are guilty of having run out of supplies.I am hoping like hell that you get my point becasue odds are that my little icy remark is going to be lost over someone of your intellect!
        Thank u for labeling AA liars because if you call them that then its supposed to mean that they are exactly the opposite!!!I got an idea of your credibility.

      • If you are so intellectual person why not to come to our forum and one by one discuss all flaws of AA? We are not going to sting you.
        Just register there (, and we would for the beginning discuss articles from this site

        And may be you would proof us that AA are not liars.
        How true were our scholars when they said that shias are most mendacious group on the earth. Even if you would see clearly as a day that your brethren lied, you would still defend them.

  27. When you’re such a turnip that you cant even think out a decent reply for a post do you even expect me to believe that you can handle an argument??!!
    And by the way,I didn’t even mean to visit this trash can of yours.I was looking up Omar’s lineage nd thats how I stumbled onto here.This is what I needed to know:
    Take a good look at this and enjoy!Better still,delete the link and give yourself a pat on the back for being such a turnip that you have to hide,twist and turn the truth to win an argument.

  28. Muhammed stole the nubuwath (prophethood) from Ali (A.S.). It is not wrong for us to pray to Ali as he is the real prophet.

  29. There is something that annoys me alot with you so called “Ahl il-sunnah”.

    As a Shi3i, yes I curse Abo’Bakr, Omar, Uthman, Aisha, Hafsa and the list goes on. But we do so for relevant Islamic reasons. We consider them enemies of Islam, Munafiqin and Backstabbers, enemies of the Greatest Prophet and his Holy Houshould.

    We do not blindly curse anyone!!!

    But that doesn’t mean that I have any enmity or hatred towards you so called “Ahl il-sunnah”, you believe what you want and I believe what I want.

    There is no doubt about the Purity and high status of all the Prophets and specialy The Holy Prophet Muhammed and his Holy Househould. The religion of Allah is based on them.

    But.. the Status of Abo’Bakr, Omar, Uthman, Aisha, Hafsa(and the list goes on) is disputed, and there is much evidence of their Kufr, yet you hold them at so high positions for nothing good they have done. They damaged Islam and you people are the one of the after effects.

    The problem is with you people, the issue lies in you. There is countries that make fun of our Holy Prophet and our God and you dont do anything about it.

    But when it comes to us the Shi3a and Abo’Bakr, Omar, Uthman. There is a history of killing, bombing and worst of opinions.

    For god sake…. grow up

  30. the shia are the biggest enemies of islam. they should be termed as zindeeqs. to all sunnis do not class the shia as you brothers in faith they are you biggest enemies. they are worse than the jews and christians and they are even worse than the unbelievers (kafirs). they should be banned from hajj and a fatwa of death should be given to them.

  31. May Allah SWT Curse the Enemies of Islam, the holy Prophet and his holy Family and the enemies of the true followers of Complete Deen. You all agree then say Ameen and leave the rest to Allah SWT. He is the best Judge.

  32. what’s Going on here????
    I am from PAK and seen a lot of hatred both of suni & shia towards each other….do we Muslim need some enemy to defeat us???i think we all Muslims are sufficient for it

    • you stupid or something?shia are not muslims,their religion only revolves around doing zina via mutaa worshipping taazia horses and abusing sahaba of islam

    • so you are from pak, i am also from pak karachi and i am disappointed by your comment…. you have acheived great height of stupidity by your comment…. shia were never muslims… they call us kafir infidels and yet you call them muslims… wake up early in mornings… stop watching cable and going to useless and extravagant weddings…. become a good muslim

  33. Dirty bastards theses Shias are, some of the stuff here is shocking.I pray they along that perv sheik yasser habib burn in hell. All they. Care about is muta and insulting our beloved sahaba. Nasty pieces of work they are, that sheik did a youtube vid on why muta is ok, I bet he wouldnt give his daughter for it maybe he would, he’s one cursed dirty bastard. God know what he get up to with “muta”. Bet some Shia bitches adore him.

  34. When you moslem want to grow up and stop being ignorant as always? west and jews spending million of dollars to take unity away from you lot ,1400 years after in this era still calling each others kafar while your enemies laughing at you
    fuck shia and fuck sunni,they are just names….ISLAM is what is the important
    Repeat this<
    Asalomo alayka ya ahle la elaha elallah .means when you insult each others you insult islam
    islam means believe in Allah
    believe in prophet-hoods
    believe in quran
    believe in gheyamat

    the rest is not important,stop calling each others names ,jews and nasara trying hard to make you hate each others,dont assume every body are moslems here

  35. Well, to those who think that Shais are pious people…watch this and say I swear Allah that Hell fire is made for shias!!

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